Automate lab and testbed environments to accelerate new technology releases, enable remote work, and reduce equipment and energy costs.



Lab as a Service for Cloud Networks

As we enter the cloud era, labs must validate and release new network features in weeks, not months. Learn how Lab as a Service makes it possible.


Break Down Development and Operations Silos with Automation

Development and operations teams are still largely siloed organizations within service provider companies. Learn how lab and test automation can break down entrenched barriers so these teams can effectively work together to validate and assure networks.

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Spirent Velocity Framework

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Spirent Velocity Brochure

Velocity – Model-driven Lab and Test as a Service Automation Platform

Features & Datasheets

Velocity Lab Automation

Velocity automates lab environments for faster testing and reduced equipment utilization.

Velocity Interactive Workflow Automation

Interactive Workflow Automation enables users to model complex, test-related workflows improving efficiency.

Velocity Intelligent Resource Queuing

Intelligent Resource Queuing dynamically reserves resources to increase lab testing capacity.