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You're Confirmed to Enjoy the Old Fashioned Happy Hour!

Virtual Happy Hour with Tempest and Keysight!

Thursday, March 18, 2021
4:00pm PST

You'll master the art of making the perfect Old Fashioned!

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect event to help you spread a little holiday cheer! You will learn about the history of the Old Fashioned and have a kit shipped to your home with everything you need to make an Old Fashioned in this virtual group setting!

Mixing Cheer with Cybersecurity

While the mixologist goes over the drinks, the folks from Keysight and Tempest will be providing some information how to improve your end to end visibility, analytics and threat response security solutions.

Cyberattacks on interconnected ICS/IT Networks pose high risk for security breaches with serious implications for national security and public safety. Critical infrastructure such as Energy, Electric, Water and manufacturing are major targets for cyber criminals. The higher level of connectedness across OT and IT infrastructure exposes ICS networks and devices to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Learn how our “Better Together” solution delivered through Tempest Telecom, a certified diversity partner, can help you gain visibility into your network and provide the data for actionable responses to threats found in IT/OT and IoT environments.

Come spend 60 minutes with us, win some prizes, have some fun and raise a glass!