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Spirent Umetrix

User experience evaluation for video, data and voice

Measure what matters to assure a quality user experience

The Umetrix® platform accelerates device acceptance, service launch readiness and optimization/benchmarking processes by automating data collection, analysis and reporting workflows. Evaluate user experience of video, data and voice using any device, operating system or network.


Video quality

HD streaming or IR.94 video chat; non-reference, full reference or GED analysis; optimize and benchmark video services

5G Data throughput

Test data up to 5G speeds during file transfer, web browsing, and video streaming

Audio quality

VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and Bluetooth speech quality during call initiation, handovers, noise, and more

Measuring video quality using AI

Assuring video quality across mobile networks is complicated. Live streaming video performance assessment is uniquely challenging since there is no reference source for comparison. To address this growing need, Spirent has developed an approach to video performance analysis using machine-learning-based algorithms that closely match what a person “sees,” as if thousands of humans were scoring each video.


Mobile video streaming

Our study on mobile video streaming showed that having the latest smartphone, the most popular streaming service, and excellent network coverage doesn’t always equate to a high quality video experience.


Video quality challenges

A look at the many types of video that can be transmitted over numerous delivery mechanisms, the various factors that can affect video quality, and three key methodologies that can be used to evaluate performance.


HD streaming analysis

Discover Umetrix Video for HD streaming. Its non-reference analysis supports any video service (mobile, home, 5G), analyzes the video content itself to detect artifacts, and performs scoring without prior view of the original video.

What you need to know about delivering 5G data to your customers

The new 5G enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) standard specifies data rates approaching 20Gbps. In this FierceMarkets webinar, we discuss the technologies required to achieve these ultra-high data rates, the timeframes in which we can expect to see them in commercial applications, and some practical observations obtained from real use cases with a 5G test bench.

5G Spirent

Field-testing 5G data

The race is on to deliver 5G services and this infographic provides a quick look at the 5G standardization timeline, new challenges and consumer expectations, and what’s different about testing 5G data performance in the field.

5G data performance

Umetrix Data (Datum), efficiently measures the user experience of data services. Evaluate user experience with a unified approach across all major mobile OS platforms and access technologies including LTE, Wi-Fi, and now 5G.

5G voice and data with logging

The Umetrix Voice Quality of Experience (QoE) solution now has the ability to provide air interface logging and analysis capabilities, which are critical in the quest to implement new 5G services and devices. Close integration with Umetrix Data creates a powerful combination that enables users to better understand and triage the root cause of problems that impact the user experience of voice due to 5G mobile services and significantly shortens time to problem resolution.


Automate & simplify

Creating and running multiple test iterations on mobile devices can be tedious and time-consuming. The Umetrix Playback app provides easy, graphical scripting and full automation on Android devices to simulate user interaction for more efficient QoE testing.

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