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Vectra Tempest Telecom

The Cognito platform

Network detection and response built on artificial intelligence

Vectra featured solutions

The Vectra Cognito platform collects and stores the right network metadata and enriches it with machine learning.

Cognito Stream

Network metadata with an opinion
Deliver scalable, security-enriched network metadata to feed custom detection and response tools

Cognito Recall

Threat-hunting from the cloud
Investigative workbench for conclusive threat hunting and investigations

Cognito Detect

AI-Powered Network Detection
Detect and prioritize in-progress attacks in real-time

About Vectra

Mission: See and Stop Threats Before They Become Breaches
Vectra cybersecurity solutions protect the World’s largest financial institutions, manufacturers, universities, energy, technology, software, and media companies plus federal agencies, service providers, educational institutions and healthcare organizations

Vectra’s customers immediately detect and respond to cyberattacks in cloud, data center, IoT and enterprise with Vectra AI driven network detection. They increase efficiency up to 90% by automatically analyzing users, devices and their traffic, and prioritizing alerts. 

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Tempest Telecom Solutions is a Certified Women Business Enterprise.

Since 2005 Tempest Telecom Solutions has been supporting network operators with leading equipment and services solutions.

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