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We aren’t your typical Solutions Provider

We are obsessed with service and turning our customers into heroes within their industries. We also know you have a choice in who you work with and more importantly, who you trust.

We will talk with you to understand your challenges, whether your needs are short term or long term, and we will help align you to the right technology and services solution that works for you. We also realize that the work we do together doesn’t just impact the IT department, and that it is our responsibility to ensure we provide a solution that works for all parties involved.

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At Tempest, we define “Service” as taking action to provide value to our clients. We understand that activity alone doesn’t provide value. That’s why our team is made up of experienced operators that have “been there, done that” and understand how to establish the support protocols that work for each client’s way of doing business. From communication sources to shipping options, we are “always on” and able to respond to your business needs, 24/7/365.
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We believe in delivering solutions that fit the needs of our clients now as well as preparing them for the future shifts in technology that inevitably will occur. Our philosophy of only partnering with best in class manufactures allows us to source technology that may be new, end of life, back ordered, or pre-owned, but just what you need to grow and protect your business. From Routing and Switching to Security and Storage, we can provide you the full suite of hardware and software that will stand up to your demands.
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Our value to you is simple, we deliver superior services and logistics on the best products, with exceptional service using value based pricing. We aren’t trying to be all things to all people. We know what we are good at and we stick to that. From down the street to around the world, we know how to get the products you require where and when you need them.
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We have decades of experience working side by side with solutions providers, data centers and network operators. We understand the challenges they have and speak their language to more quickly address issues and opportunities. In addition to our product delivery capabilities, our portfolio of Professional and Managed Services includes a full range of network and security services to address both the long term and day-to-day IT needs of your business.

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Having the right partners is like having the right parts for an engine. With the right parts, things run smoothly, but with the wrong ones, you end up having to do more maintenance. We pride ourselves on only partnering with Technology manufactures that can provide the best breadth and depth of solutions for our clients.

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