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Tempest High Performance Transceivers

Optimal Quality at a Fraction of the Cost


100% Compatible Guarantee

Seamless performance upon installation

Lifetime Warranty

Unwavering support across your product's entire lifecycle

Pre & Post Sales Support

Prompt and proficient responses to support your requirements

Choose from a variety of solutions

Speak with an SFP Transceiver expert to review your specifications and get the right solution

Affordable alternatives for the leading OEMs


Consistent Quality Manufacturing

Your trusted partner, providing high-quality branded compatible transceivers, cables, and hardware.



Direct Attach Cables

Active Optical Cables





Using compatible or third party transceivers and cables will void my manufacturer warranty

Tempest transceivers and cables will NOT void your warranty, and Cisco agrees

Compatibles may work, but if I ever upgrade my OS, they will no longer work or need to be recoded

Tempest-compatible products are coded the same as originals, so if an OS upgrade were to affect a compatible it would affect an original as well.

Only original transceivers will fit properly in the system

Tempest transceivers are built to the same MSA (Multisource Agreement) as those used by switch manufacturers, ensuring they are the exact same form, fit, and function

Companies that supply compatibles can’t help with configuration assistance or post-sales support

Tempest has a staff of trained sales representatives backed by Cisco-certified engineers who can help determine what items are needed, design custom solutions, and troubleshoot issues that may arise.

If a system manufacturer does not offer a specific option, then their systems won’t recognize or support it

Tempest can create custom solutions to bridge the gap between what OEM’s offer and what your network needs. Solutions include custom distance transceivers, custom length cables, dual coded direct attach cables, and unique BiDi, CWDM and DWDM options are all possibilities with Tempest .

get the sfp transceiver solutions that you need fast

Save with Tempest High Quality SFP Transceivers


We listen carefully to your SFP Transceiver needs


We respond quickly with smart solutions


You save time and money