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Government Organizations
Network Solutions

Tempest provides government organizations with clever solutions that help maintain their critical network infrastructure in a scalable, cost-effective, and timely manner.

Multi-Vendor Network Equipment

Budgets can be limited and there is no room for delays. Leverage our multi-vendor equipment solutions to eliminate long lead times, reduce costs and maintain a resilient critical network infrastructure.


Multi-Vendor Repair

Replacing faulty network equipment can be costly or cause delays. Tempest’s priority is to save you time and money by helping extend the life of your network equipment for equipment that is discontinued or hard to find.

Asset Management and Logistics

Extend the life of your network. We provide SPM (spare parts management), Asset Management (reuse or resell surplus assets), Preassembly and Kitting, and Embedded Repair of critical equipment. Get the most out of your network with visibility and control.


Remote Technical Services

Access network experts to help improve the quality of your network, rollout new infrastructure, software or services across your network, or to perform the complex routines associated with network consolidations.

Network Test and Visibility

Monitor and secure your critical infrastructure. Our Network test and visibility solutions help you eliminate blind spots, improve performance and strengthen your networks security posture.