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Prepare network for 5G deployments

Our expert team of engineers can support your migration goals

We have the capability to offer a range of services, focused on supporting your legacy decommissioning needs.

For 3G CDMA and UMTS (Ericsson, Nortel) and products like Genband, Tempest offers the technical capabilities necessary to analyze, reduce the footprint of your legacy network in order to create room for new technologies. Reduction in footprint can include reductions in underutilized equipment to reduce power consumption, or to reclaim valuable square footage in your existing facilities for newer Technologies.

Our experience includes extensive analysis and recommendations on turning off excess capacity at switch locations, turning down wireless base station carriers and consolidating switches/rehoming BTSs, and migrating traffic as needed. There are numerous scenarios that might apply, and Tempest is here to help your come up with the best solutions based on your needs.

Value Added

Areas of Expertise


Technologies Supported by Tempest's TAC

Tempest Advanced Technical and TAC Support Services is the perfect solution to resolve hardware, software and configuration problems on aging legacy networks.

Tempest’s U.S.-based experienced subject matter experts remotely provide answers to product related questions, provide troubleshooting assistance, restore technical incidents and restore emergency outages that maintain optimally performing networks at the lowest cost of ownership. Tempest’s annual TAC support programs are based on ticket volumes and SLAs to match your network requirements utilizing best practices to support stable mature software platforms.

Technologies Supported:

Reconfiguration and Reuse

Tempest’s sophisticated “purchase avoidance” and reuse programs for surplus or decommissioned assets from carriers help reduce operating expenses and capital expenditure


Tempest provides repair, test, and reconfiguration services to turn your decommissioned or surplus equipment into useful parts or systems needed for redeployment across your network.

Our high-quality service and technical capabilities ensure that reused products are integrated seamlessly into your network. Our customized remarketing programs for surplus equipment offer high-value returns from our diverse customer base.

Program Features


Extending the Life of the Network

Tempest remains diligent and committed to ensuring your network performs to exacting standards.

We offer preventative maintenance services aimed to care for your network and ensure the highest level of satisfaction at any point in the operation of your legacy network.

Services include Pro-Active Care, complete with Health Checks and Audits on your nodes and equipment. On an on-going basis, Tempest has the in-house competency to maintain and housekeep your file systems, including assisting with required back-ups, maintenance routines as well as implementing software upgrades and updates from OEM provided software.


Cost-Effective TAC for Legacy Networks

Tempest provides legacy services for your network and products in your network that most likely are out of warranty and past OEM support. We are just the insurance you need as Tempest provides network support from Emergency Recovery (ER) down to TAC Ticket handling, including assurance and operation measures aimed at supporting you with our professional services offerings no matter where you may be on the lifecycle curve.
Benefits of Tempest's TAC

Battery Recycling

Tempest can meet the needs of both removal and supply of lithium-ion battery material.

Solutions to fulfill your logistics needs

Our company provides solutions for effective battery disposal, recycling and reuse. Depending on your needs, our experienced team can secure the results desired.

Tempest is not only committed to delivering these solutions efficiently to all clients, but by doing so while working towards a zero-waste future.