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Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) 1300 Series

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Gigabit Capable Radio and Switch, Packed with Innovations

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The IBR-1300 is the fastest, smallest and most versatile radio in its class. An integrated radio and switch, with an unprecedented combination of device capabilities, the IBR is the only radio to meet all LTE requirements for throughput and latency in fully obstructed NLOS conditions. The dynamic spectrum analysis capability of the radio manages interference and ensures sustained radio link reliability and throughput.
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One Radio For All Conditions

The IBR is the only wireless backhaul radio to maintain the strict performance requirements of LTE in AnyLOS, with sustained performance that automatically aligns and adapts to any radio line of sight conditions. Regardless of obstructions between the access network and the backhaul service edge, service providers can utilize a single device for wireless backhaul with confidence, even in changing urban environments.

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