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IP Network Equipment and Services

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Key OEMs supported

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Cost-effectively extend your network
life with pre-owned hardware and services.

Never feel forced to move into a new proprietary platform that you don’t need. Networking hardware is designed to last an average of ten years, but most OEMs will recommend updating within five years and begin discontinuing support services. Leverage a trusted partner who can help you extend the life of your network and lower capital expenditures with high-quality pre-owned IP network hardware and services.

Your trusted OEM alternative: efficient, fast and cost-effective


Pre-owned hardware carries a one year warranty. Tempest pre-owned hardware is sourced from partners, service providers who own and manage high-performance networks. Our customers can purchase with peace of mind knowing that they are buying equipment backed by Tempest.


Tempest delivers the broadest selection with the shortest lead times. Tempest’s wide selection of new and pre-owned equipment and asset management services assist carriers in bridging their past and future operations. 

Exceptional Savings

If purchasing new hardware is not an option, Tempest offers equipment at a significantly lower cost. Leveraging pre-owned network hardware to maintain your network and data center maximizes the return on your investment. Further protect your network with a spares program to deliver equipment at a moment’s notice to eliminate downtime.

Why waste time?
Save and extend the life of your IP Network