Multi-Vendor Repair

Expand the life of your network

Certified Multi-Vendor Network Equipment Repair

Save on Opex, shipping and processing fees

Tempest’s extensive repair offering across technologies and products allows our customers to save on costs, shipping and processing fees by consolidating multiple products into a single RMA. Our ability to repair legacy and discontinued products helps our customers maintain networks that are no longer supported by the OEM.

Tempest’s high quality repair service, industry leading TATs and excellent customer service gives our customers time back in their day while helping them extend their Opex dollars. Our RMA portal gives our customers a quick and easy way to process and track their RMA’s as well as offering access to extensive customized technical reporting.


Onsite Repair Services

Tempest can provide embedded repair and screening onsite at customer owned or 3rd party logistics facility. Onsite repair and test results in reduced TATS and lower operating costs including minimizing freight and transportation fees.

Our Trained and dedicated onsite technicians ensure efficiency, visibility, and transparency. Our Multi-vendor product solutions allow for coverage across a broad range of products and OEMS. Our onsite presence allows us access to reutilize surplus inventory for customer needs.


Remote Technical Services

Our expert team of engineers cover a broad set of products and OEMS for both legacy and current platforms.

Why pay full price to maintain your network?

Our TAC programs help save significant costs while helping to extend the life of your network.

In addition, to complete annual contracts, Tempest offers customized help desk solutions for specific customer needs.

Our team of experienced and certified engineers can support various technologies including LTE, IP, Microwave, and DAS.

Certified team
Flexible hours
Monthly contracts
Switch support

Savings Across Products and Platforms

Tempest’s Advanced Technical and TAC Support Services is the ideal solution to resolve hardware, software and configuration problems on aging legacy networks.

Tempest’s US-based subject matter experts can provide answers to product-related questions, provide troubleshooting assistance, restore technical incidents, and restore emergency outages that can help maintain optimally performing networks at the lowest cost of ownership. Annual TAC support programs are based on ticket volumes and SLAs to match your network requirements, utilizing best practices to support stable mature software platforms

Technologies Supported:

Network Preventative Maintenance​

Tempest remains diligent and competent in assuring your network performs to standard

We offer preventative maintenance services aimed to care for your network and ensure the highest level of satisfaction at any point in the operation of your legacy network.

Services include Pro-Active Care, complete with Health Checks and Audits on your nodes and equipment. On an on-going basis, Tempest has the in-house competency to maintain and housekeep your file systems, including assisting with required back-ups, maintenance routines as well as implementing software upgrades and updates from OEM provided software.

Optional Services


Spare Parts Management

Our customized Spare Parts Management solutions helps our customers gain control, visibility, and consolidation of their spare parts inventory.

Our management of your spares and repair/exchange needs provides our customers with ongoing availability of critical spares and reduces emergency spares needs while lowering their OPEX and CAPEX costs by providing test and reuse on their existing surplus equipment.

Embedded Test and Repair

Tempest provides embedded repair and test onsite at customer-owned or 3rd party logistic partner’s facility. Our trained and dedicated onsite technicians  ensure efficiency, visibility and transparency.



Clean and Screen

Our customized Spare Parts Management solutions helps our customers gain control, visibility, and consolidation of their spare parts inventory.

Tempest’s sophisticated “purchase avoidance” and reuse programs for surplus or decommissioned assets from carriers help reduce CapEx and Opex costs and extend budgets. Tempest’s clean and screen process aswell as reconfiguration services to turn your decommissioned and idle assets into tested quality product ready to be redeployed in your network. Our online customized portal helps you keep visibility of your assets.

Our high quality service and technical capabilities insure that all reused product integrates seamlessly into your network as needed for complete systems, expansion parts or spares. This can also reduce your need for repair by offering exchange spares as alterative.

Tempest’s remarketing services offers our customers  financial returns on their unused equipment, that can result in cash or a credit to can help cover the cost of the program.

Visibility and Monitoring


Build a highly resilient, total visibility architecture to maximize your security and optimize performance. Make sure you have complete data access, resilience, context-aware data processing, and security intelligence processing to ensure the right data gets to the right tools, even at high speeds.

How better network visibility and monitoring can help you: