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Visibility Products

Network Taps, Regenerator Taps and Tap Aggregators

Reliable data access products to augment the monitoring of live network traffic.

Flexible, modular and 100% passive fiber
optical network taps

Key features

Taps vs. Span Infographic

Dynamic network intelligence starts with Network Taps

Problem: Blind spots and high costs of accessing network traffic

Organizations require dynamic network intelligence to provide security and ensure applications are running their best. But the larger a network grows, the harder it becomes to monitor. Blind spots can easily compromise your ability to ensure network quality. Traditional monitoring methods, such as port mirroring, can be costly and add layers of complexity. And some monitoring solutions negatively impact network availability. With networks growing faster than ever, now is the time for a high-performance, scalable monitoring solution.

Solution: 100% visibility with network taps

Keysight network taps, including patch taps, optical fiber taps, copper taps, tap aggregators and regen taps, provides dynamic network intelligence to help you maintain optimal performance and security. Network taps, installed directly to the network, are plug-and-play, and do not require costly hands-on management. Regardless of interface or network location, Ixia high-performance taps support both copper and multimode and single-mode optical fiber at speeds of up to 400 Gbps. The best part: Taps can provide permanent access to network traffic and allow total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security devices — without introducing costly bottlenecks or points of failure.

IT professionals buy Keysight Network Taps, due to:

iLink Aggregators

Ixia iLink Aggregators

A cost effective alternative to Network Packet Brokers

iLink Aggregators are top of the range tap aggregators that can tap and aggregate traffic from up to 32 links and feed large numbers of tools. Some models contain inbuilt taps. They are a cost effective alternative to Network Packet Brokers if aggregation only (no filtering) functionality is required at speeds of 1Gbps and below.