Multi-Vendor Network Equipment

Cost effective alternatives for expanding and maintaining networks

We provide multi-vendor network equipment with reduced costs and lead times

Our multi-vendor portfolio helps simplify the buying process by consolidating the number of suppliers, which reduces time and costs related to order processing and transportation. Our broad range of products and availability helps network operators solve lead time issues at affordable prices. Tempest’s extensive legacy and surplus inventory can support expansions and spares for equipment that is discontinued or backordered.


We find solutions for your supply chain issues, while remaining cost competitive.

Our consultative sales team works with customers to review build plans and offer cost savings alternatives across multiple product and services categories. 

Our experienced sales engineering staff works closely with our customers across OEMS to find the product solution that is right for you.In addition, we can offer substitute solutions for current products that are not available.

With today’s competitive market, Tempest is here to support your network build and expansion needs with our highly responsive, easy to use, cost effective multi-vendor network equipment solutions.

OEMs we support:

Network Equipment Logistics

Tempest offers customized logistics solutions to fit our customers unique network equipment logistics needs.

Solutions to fulfill your logistics needs

Tempest offers customized solutions that fit the unique needs for each project Customized Solutions to fulfill your logistics needs By consolidating equipment and services requirements for multiple networking and OEM platforms, Tempest can help reduce both time and expense.

Our in-house engineering team can design custom equipment solutions based on your specifications, that are fully integrated and delivered ready to install.

In house technical expertise

With our in house technical team we can design and integrate your equipment into custom racks or cabinets specified by your team. We are able to provide all cables, connectors, and kits to ensure products that are ready to install.

Remote Integration Services

Our expert team of integration engineers supports the leading OEMs and is well-positioned to support your needs.

Why choose Tempest for your Integration support needs?

Tempest is leading the way for 5G Integrations and Services. So you can sleep better at night, Tempest offers access to either our 24×7 integrations Technical Assistance Center (iTAC) or our customizable Integration Help Desk Tempest is here to assist you with all your Integration and related RF Performance needs that cover:

Tempest Remote Technical Services is located in Richardson, TX. Our iTAC programs help save significant costs as compared to the OEM, while helping reduce rework and getting it right the first time. 

Network Design Architecture

Assist with network design and vendor selection


Ensuring what you deploy will live up to performance requirements

Best of breed architecture requires validation that configurations will live up to performance requirements. Don’t deploy a network based solely on vendor spec sheets. Ensure that your configuration will deliver the performance for your specific needs for testing.

Network Test

We can provide the tools that allow you to test worst-case scenarios to understand how your deployed network will behave under stress. We can test individual elements or in an end-to-end solution. Not all networks are created equal in ensuring that your network is properly configured for your worst-case scenarios is critical to success.

Test as a Service

Achieve faster time to revenue, improved agility,
and reduce costs

Quickly deliver testing functions and seamlessly integrate with other network operator functions

Tempest Test as a Service (TaaS) solutions may be used for automated testing processes that would take longer for in-house staff to complete manually. Our solutions can also be used in situations when an organization doesn’t have the resources to carry out testing themselves. The resource may be time, money, staff, or technology.