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High Speed Network Testing

Assuring a High-Quality
User Experience in a High-Speed Network

Spirent’s High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) 400G, 200G, 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high-speed, and high-density technologies. Service providers promise their customers a reliable, high-quality user experience. Spirent’s industry-leading testing products and services assure that they fulfill their promise.

White Paper

Challenges and Opportunities of Transitioning to 400G

While we are still at the early days of 400G technology, operator demand is driving OEMs—and the industry as a whole—to create a vibrant ecosystem of performant, reliable, affordable and interoperable 400GbE.

White paper discusses the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to 400G and how Spirent test solutions enable the industry to accelerate development and deliver reliable, high-performing 400GbE systems.

White Paper

FEC for Ethernet: A New Path to Flexibility

Developers can experiment with proprietary FEC while retaining compatibility with Ethernet standards due to where the “extender sublayer,” (CDXS) sits, giving hardware designers more freedom to experiment with error-correcting codes. Learn more about FEC and how Spirent’s 400/200/100/50GbE quad speed-test modules were first to market, and have been designed to support the mandatory FEC/PCS IEEE requirements.

PAM4: The New Modulation Standard for High-Speed Ethernet

In early 2017, Spirent launched the first dedicated test system for 200G, based on the use of 4x50GbE PAM4 technology. Longer term, knowledge of PAM4 will be important for PHY-to-MAC emulation in any Spirent service-provider tool. Test traditional Ethernet Carrier Ethernet and be ready as future IEEE standards emerge. Read our white paper to learn more about PAM4.

Performance Testing BroadR-Reach Automotive Ethernet

As vehicle manufacturers begin to explore the opportunities offered by OABR, they will face new performance testing challenges that present a step-change away from existing performance testing regimes for legacy technologies such as CAN Bus, LIN, MOST and FlexRay.

This white paper—one of a series on different aspects of BroadR-Reach testing—is intended to give automotive developers a rapid introduction to Ethernet/IP performance testing, with specific focus on aspects which are unusual or particular to in-vehicle networks and OABR.

WP Multi-AP Performance Testing

This solution brief explains how to test the throughput performance of a multi-AP system using Spirent TestCenter including the focus on features such as reliable inter-AP Wi-Fi RF connections, maximum throughput, Band Steering and client steering. Starting with some basic information needed to understand multi-AP networking technology and design, this paper will then detail how to setup test beds to validate the throughput performance gain from various multi-AP networking configurations.

EBook Moving from NFV PoC to Deployment

Virtualization is the current best bet for revolutionizing the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network. Learn more about the concept of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) in this new eBook from Spirent.

Spirent Products


Whether you are seeking the most cost-effective and highest density platform, a more flexible multi-purpose testing environment, or the most powerful router, switch and application emulation engine, Spirent offers a solution tailored to your testing needs.


Spirent Appliances offer the power of Spirent’s award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, and application and security test solutions in a portable form factor.

WLAN Test Solutions

Spirent TestCenter supports the highest performing and most realistic IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) multi-client emulation for direct functionality and performance testing of Access Points (APs).


Spirent’s Virtual solutions can help you validate NFV infrastructure, VNFs, and Network Services.

Automotive Connectivity Testing

Spirent can test, refine, and optimize all aspects of in-car, V2V, and V2X connectivity to provide the experiences that modern drivers and passengers demand.

Conformance Test Solution

Spirent Conformance Test solution is uniquely suited to verify the interoperability and reliability of new products or services in a multi-vendor environment.


Extensive Routing Protocol support for both IPv4 and IPv6 both supporting Unicast and Multicast.


Spirent TestCenter offers multiple ways to automate in a diverse array of environments.

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