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Spirent Wi-Fi Automated Test System

Testing WiFi-enabled devices

Testing device data throughput performance over Wi-Fi

Spirent’s Wi-Fi Automated Test System (ATS) addresses the need for testing the data throughput performance of WiFi-enabled devices. Measuring and characterizing the end-to-end data application layer throughput, it provides deeper insights into device performance while realistically representing user experience. The Wi-Fi ATS simulates a variety of realistic channel conditions that use MIMO configurations in a radiated environment.

Features & benefits

Support for Wi-Fi models

Simulate a variety of Wi-Fi channel models (including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) that are supported by access points for real-world Wi-Fi device performance.

Realistic simulation of user experience

Simulate end-to-end application layer testing using Spirent’s Datum application. Datum serves as an independent application that does not control the Device Under Test. This allows for a very realistic simulation of end user experience. Datum is supported on iOS, Android and Windows mobile Operating Systems, allowing for testing a vast range of smart devices and tablets.

MIMO channel support

Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of Spirent’s industry-leading VR5 Channel Emulator, which supports a variety of MIMO configurations including up to 4X4 MIMO support and a vast assortment of channel models and bandwidths.

Ease of use

Configure and execute test cases using Spirent’s Test Manager software and Datum application for data performance, which only requires a two-minute installation on a mobile device. Upgrade channel emulation capabilities by simply upgrading software licenses.

Test automation

Set up automatic execution of test cases using Spirent’s Test Manager software enables automatic execution of test cases, allowing for gathering important performance data over long test hours with no operator intervention.

Wi-Fi automated test system data sheet

The Wi-Fi Automated Test System (ATS) is a fully automated solution for Wi-Fi data throughput performance testing of smartphones or other Wi-Fi devices.