Nokia - Alcatel-Lucent 9500 MPR (Microwave Packet Radio)

Buy, Repair, or Sell the 9500 Microwave Packet Radio a microwave radio system developed as part of the Alcatel Lucent, now seamlessly integrated into the Nokia portfolio.

The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (MPR) is a cutting-edge solution designed to seamlessly transform backhaul networks from TDM to IP. This technology efficiently transports multimedia traffic while supporting legacy TDM. With the 9500 MPR, you can experience improved packet aggregation, increased bandwidth, optimized Ethernet connectivity, and superior quality of service for end users.

Nokia 9500 MPR Benefits:

  • Handle IP traffic natively, revolutionizing microwave radio capabilities.
  • Compatible with existing PDH and SDH technology, ensuring the protection of operators’ investments.
  • Offers exclusive features like service-driven adaptive packet modulation, E1 in packet via pseudo-wire/CES, multi-service aggregation layer, service awareness, and synchronization distribution.
  • Optimize radio access networks with packet aggregation using standard protocols, eliminating the need for external boxes found in competing solutions.
  • Key elements of NOKIA’s Mobile IP Transformation Architecture and the 7705 SAR cell aggregator provide end-to-end IP/MPLS connectivity.

Nokia 9500 MPR Features:

  • Multi-service aggregation layer for seamless TDM 2G, 3G, and IP/Ethernet traffic integration.
  • The service Awareness feature treats different end-users’ data flows based on their QoS requirements, enhancing user experience.
  • Packet node architecture with high switching capacity (>10 Gbps) over Ethernet for efficient packet transport.
  • Service-Driven Packet Adaptive Modulation optimizes air bandwidth by adjusting modulation schemes based on propagation conditions and service quality.

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