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Advanced Technical
Support Services (TAC)

Cost-Effective TAC for
Legacy Networks

Tempest provides legacy services for your network and products in your network that most likely are out of warranty and past OEM support. We are just the insurance you need as Tempest provides network support from Emergency Recovery (ER) down to TAC Ticket handling, including assurance and operation measures aimed at supporting you with our professional services offerings no matter where you may be on the lifecycle curve.


Reduce operating expense on annual technical support and emergency restoration contracts without sacrificing technical competence on end-of- life or legacy infrastructure.


Tempest Advanced Technical and TAC Support Services is the perfect solution to resolve hardware, software and configuration problems on aging legacy networks.

Tempest’s US-based experienced subject matter experts remotely provide answers to product related questions, provide troubleshooting assistance, restore technical incidents and restore emergency outages that maintain optimally performing networks at the lowest cost of ownership. Tempest’s annual TAC support programs are based on ticket volumes and SLAs to match your network requirements utilizing best practices to support stable mature software platforms.

Emergency<15 min<4 hours>50% Network outage, Billing, O&M platforms down
1 hour1 Business daySituation which doesn’t satisfy Emergency Criteria but which creates serious commercial or operational difficulties, such as loss of redundancy.
Medium1 business day2 weeksApplications in degraded mode, failing backups
Low1 business day4 weeksSingle user issues, log and alarm interpretations

Highlight of Tempest's TAC

• Tier I/II/II+Advanced Technical Support & Fault Resolution

• OEM Certified Subject Matter Experts

• Trouble Ticket Management System

• Emergency Restoration Services

• Installation Support

• Training, Reporting and  Statistics • Change Management

• 24x7x365 Coverage for Global Audience

Benefits of Tempest's TAC

• Reduce Operating Cost

• Improve Responsiveness
and Support for Legacy Network

• Maintain Integrity and Quality of Network

• End-of-Life, Out-of-Warranty Product and  Network Support

Technologies Supported by Tempest's TAC

• GSM, CDMA, EVDO, UMTS, LTE Core,     LTE  RAN, and OSS

• Legacy Wireline Switching

• Microwave, Transport, DAS, and Data Networking