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Simplify Network and Application Performance Testing and Get Accurate Results in as Few as 15 Minutes

Test Solution Area

SD-WAN Optimization

Storage Networking

5G Testing

Video Streaming

Cloud Migrations

Netropy Network Emulators help you:

• Quickly and easily emulate complex network scenarios

• Simulate network impairments like bandwidth constraints, latency, loss, and jitter

• Save time and money with precise, reproducible testing on an affordable appliance

  • • Gain insight into end-user experience prior to deployment

Powerful, Flexible Network Emulation

Netropy’s high-performance testing can simulate up to 30 separate links on each pair of ports at speeds up to 100Gbps.

Quickly benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of your mission-critical networks and applications under the most challenging conditions.

Deploy Test Networks in Minutes

Netropy network emulators are quick to install, intuitive to configure, and easy to operate –  be up and running in minutes with no training necessary. Use the modern UI or RESTful API to configure and automate testing.