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Test and Optimize Application Performance Over Satellite Networks

Bring Satellite WAN Optimization Into Your Lab

Satellite users know better than anyone that latency and packet loss can have as big an impact on application performance, if not bigger, than link bandwidth.

Measure performance in your lab beforehand with Apposite’s easy to use, high-precision satellite network emulator to deliver the ultimate user experience. Read the Best Practices for Measuring Application Performance over Satellite Networks white paper to learn more.


Avoid purchasing expensive satellite time by testing on emulated satellite networks in the lab.


Stress-test applications using the same changing conditions they will encounter in live satellite networks.


Configure satellite network tests in minutes to identify and address performance problems of mission-critical systems.

Validate Application Performance

In satellite networks, performance issues arise from poor application design and choosing the wrong protocols. Well-designed applications may work surprisingly well while others remain virtually useless, regardless of bandwidth, latency and loss conditions.

Use Netropy’s satellite network emulator to evaluate applications from different vendors and the performance of challenging services like voice and video conferencing before you roll them out.

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