Gigamon Application Intelligence

Visualize, extract and share application traffic and metadata visibility.

True Application Visibility Is Here: Gigamon Application Intelligence

Gigamon Application Intelligence empowers IT teams and analytics tools with unrivaled application visibility and control. Even complex, multi-tiered applications and software at the core of digital transformation innovations, including those transported across advanced 5G service provider networks within GTP, can now be effectively monitored and secured. It’s the breadth of applications identified — including application components between tiers — and the depth of metadata intelligence that makes Gigamon Application Intelligence uniquely valuable.

What Is Application Intelligence?

Application Intelligence is the power to gather clear, actionable insights from reliable application data. The result is unrivaled visibility into your vital networks.

Application Visualization

Identifies 3,000+ common and proprietary applications using deep packet inspection.

Application Filtering

Isolates and extracts application traffic and shares it with relevant monitoring and security tools.

Application Metadata

Generates 5,000+ metadata elements to empower security analytics and performance monitoring tools.

Put Gigamon Application Intelligence to Work