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Gigamon Application

See the full breadth of applications across your network.

Reduce Risk in Highly Dynamic Environments

Application Visualization is a key component of Gigamon Application Intelligence. Get a complete view of the applications running on your network automatically – no hardwiring ports or writing regular expressions. Then drill down to see application usage and patterns, plus how much network resources they consume.

Gigamon maintains application awareness — even as current applications change and new applications emerge on the scene.

Application Visualization is offered within the Application Filtering Intelligence service.

Application data is graphically presented through the GigaVUE Fabric Manager.

Identify More Applications with Precision

How It’s Different


Gigamon Application Visualization identifies more applications, with more precision, and lets you share this information with your ecosystem of tools.
Benefits of Application Awareness
Application Visualization lets you see what applications are being used or misused in your organization. All without extra work on your part.

Less effort

Automatically identify applications with zero manual work.

Shine a Light on Shadow IT

Monitor and control hidden and unauthorized applications.

Less effort

Free up tool capacity by directing specific application traffic to the right tools.