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iBypass DUO

Twice as good as other bypass switches

High performance, cost effective bypass switch

Inline security and monitoring tools allow network operators to prevent incidents, inspect encrypted traffic, block bad IPs and more. However, these same security and monitoring tools can become a single point of failure — bringing down the entire network, affecting users and compromising security in the process. Bypass switches are the solution to this conundrum! They provide a fail-safe way to achieve inline security, without compromising uptime or the user experience.
Ixia’s iBypass DUO is the latest, inline bypass switch to ensure operators achieve resilient security, while maintaining up-time and without affecting the user experience. iBypass DUO is different from other bypasses on the market — it has two management interfaces, two power fail options and all the other features Ixia’s bypasses are known for. With the ability to deploy standalone or with a network packet broker, the iBypass DUO is incredibly versatile.
In addition the Ixia Fabric Controller Centralized Manager, the only central management tool for bypass switches, simplifies and speeds iBypass DUO configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices. This is a necessary requirement for any large-scale deployment and is available for all Ixia iBypass switches.


Two management ports

iBypass DUO has two management interfaces — so there is access to the bypass switch when you need it most! Murphy’s law works against us; even when we protect our network with a bypass switch, it is possible the network freezes up and we lose access to the bypass switch at the most critical time. This is why iBypass DUO has two management interface ports. No matter what the situation, the bypass can be accessed and tools can be brought up and taken down, keeping the network and up-time protected.

High availability modes

iBypass DUO allows you to deploy and manage multiple tools in a single device. These can be both active-active or active-standby configurations, allowing organizations to achieve the best architecture for their environment.
Ixia uniquely offers this capability in its bypass switches, facilitating true resilience, to ensure the best network operations.

Powerful fail options

It has the ability to both fail open or fail close in the case of power failure or based on network events such as tool failure.

Preconfigured heartbeats

Ixia’s bypasses also offer preconfigured heartbeats. Though other providers may facilitate heartbeats, it can be complex to setup and easy to mis-configure. This leads to errors during deployment and introduces security risks.
With Ixia, leading security and monitoring tool heartbeats have been pre-built and tested by our team — we are the only provider to offer this capability. Setting up a heartbeat is a simple, single-click process in the web-interface that ensures you know if your tools go down.


Like other Ixia bypasses, iBypass DUO provides the built-in ability to tap data from a network, as well as aggregate and replicate the data to send to security and monitoring tools — both inline and out-of-band. This provides you the ultimate flexibility, ensuring the most network up-time. Security tools can be tested out-of-band with the same bypass, using mirrored traffic and validated before being brought inline to the production network. This allows the bypass to operate more effectively when used standalone without network packet broker.

Easy to use interface

iBypass DUO has the most powerful and simple user of any bypass switch. It leverages the same network to tools port layout of Ixia’s network packet brokers, with drag-and-drop capabilities and intuitive presets. The interface is proven to reduce setup time and lower ongoing support and configuration costs.

ibypass + Vision Network Packet Broker

Ixia’s line of iBypass switches can be used standalone or with Ixia’s Vision Network Packet Brokers (NPBs). As standalone devices, they can be used to deploy firewalls and other such gating security tools. When used with NPBs, they are a critical component of a larger security and monitoring infrastructure.
Combined with the Vision NPBs, iBypasses can open the door high-availability configurations offering the solution to complex network needs to ensure up-time in critical situations.

The best guard - external bypass

iBypass DUO is an “external” bypass switch and is fully independent from any network packet brokers. It avoids the major architectural weaknesses of inbuilt bypass switches. Watch the video to learn more.