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Put dynamic network intelligence to work

Lack of network visibility has consequences

Ixia mitigates blind spots

Blind spots threaten your network security and user experience.

Ixia monitors network

Your approach to monitoring can leave you vulnerable to the unexpected.


Blind spots threaten your network security and user experience.

Ixia network testing

Blind spots threaten your network security and user experience.

Visibility is key to monitoring

With dynamic network intelligence, your security and performance monitoring solutions get the data they need to deliver results. Ixia provides data from every network segment, every type of cloud, encrypted or not, and filters at line-rate speed to increase efficiency. Tempest Telecom partners with a wide variety of OEMs.

Partner OEMs

Network visibility

Blind spots in network visibility make it hard to see security threats and performance issues. Ixia delivers the data your monitoring solutions need with:

• Up to 4X the performance of competitive packet brokers

• Support for multiple concurrent features with no packet loss

• Easy configuration from drag-and-drop interface

• Dynamic filters that automatically adjust as your network changes

Ixia network visibility
Ixia Inline security resilience

Inline security resilience

Will you be protected if your security infrastructure suffers a temporary outage or needs to be upgraded? Ixia’s high performance visibility platform lets you:

• Automatically route network traffic around any outage

• Send inline traffic to security tools at the fastest possible speed

• Maintain security monitoring during infrastructure failures

• Integrate professional security intelligence

Support for finance

Finance and capital market participants have specific requirements in terms of pre-deployment testing and post-deployment visibility solutions such as:

• Special visibility tools for monitoring real time market data feeds

• Appliances to support very high security tool availability required
  by banks eg. Bypass switches

• Measurement and simulation of network latency

• Real time QOS monitoring for retail bank networks

• VPN gateway testing for large volume remote users

Ixia network packets

Can your network packet broker handle the pressure?

If you have a Gigamon network packet broker, you need to read this.

Performance matters.

Cloud monitoring

Without visibility into what’s happening in your clouds, security and performance monitoring can suffer. Ixia provides:

• Total visibility for any public, private or hybrid cloud

• Automatic and unlimited scalability due to cloud-native design

• Filtering at the data source, to eliminate the risk
  of centralized processing

• Fast delivery of filtered data to solutions on-premises or in the cloud

Ixia cloud monitoring

Proactive monitoring

Your business can suffer if you wait to act until performance problems occur. Ixia Hawkeye models complex, realistic traffic and monitor network response to: 

• Understand and optimize user experience

• Automate continuous performance checks

• Proactively detect bottlenecks and access latency

• Quickly isolate service problems and troubleshoot outages

Ixia proactive monitoring

Enterprise testing

Avoid unexpected outages, overloads, breaches, and performance issues. Ixia’s high performance, all-in-one testing solutions let you:

• Ensure high-performing applications and user experience

• Model complex, realistic traffic simulations at scale

• Validate security continuously with complete range of
  threat vectors and attacks

• Verify performance of wireless deployment

Ixia enterprise testing

Ixia Enterprise Successes

Retail Pharmacy: Eliminated network blind spots to quickly identify and resolve performance issues, allowing them to reduce mean-time-to-resolution by 75%.

Banking: Increased resilience of security architecture to minimize the risk of malicious traffic slipping into their network and help their security monitoring solutions work more efficiently. 

Healthcare: Reduced time to diagnose network issues by aggregating, filtering, and delivering data used by their performance monitoring solution. 

Insurance: Reduced security risk by replacing existing packet broker that was found to drop packets under heavy loads with more powerful, lossless packet processing engine.

Maximize your network ROI

Enterprise networks can be very complex and IT teams are often stretched to the limit. Scale your teams and accelerate success with Keysight professional services.

We can help you:

• Do more, faster

• Remove risk

• Optimize performance

• Enhance security and uptime

• And much more!

Ixia enterprise networks