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Networking vendors

Test and ensure network equipment operates as expected

Challenges networking vendors face

Faster. Better. More reliable. More secure. In today’s fast-moving development environment, networking vendors are under increasing pressure to deliver switching, routing, security, Wi-Fi, and IOT products that work across wider operating conditions. At the same time, they are relying on third parties who also push the development curve, with product releases relying on the latest chipsets from their merchant silicon providers.

Ixia tests ensure network products perform to specifications, meet the quality and reliability their customers expect, and operate under average as well as extreme traffic conditions. For network equipment manufacturers delivering security or other products deployed in highly regulated environment, Ixia tests cover the widest range of corner-cases delivering insights during development.

Ixia network challenges

Addressing the full product development lifecycle

Test across your entire product development lifecycle: from the silicon level, appliance level, application level and network level. Validate performance under real network conditions, attack scenarios, and service environments. Ixia’s test solutions pressure test the performance of your systems, networks, and services for faster time-to-market. We offer the industry’s only sand-to-silicon-to-system portfolio of tests.

Ixia product lyfecycle

No matter what your test needs are, Ixia has the solutions to help.

Ixia Infrastructure testing

Infrastructure testing to validate network infrastructure against challenging real-world conditions. Emulate everything from routing, switching, SDN, and much more.

Ixia applications
Network application

Create realistic customer modeling scenarios to test the network and applications at scale and to measure the quality of LTE, VoLTE, and other wired and wireless services.

Ixia wireless solutions

Complete testing of cellular, Wi-Fi, and heterogeneous networks (HetNets) from the core to the radio access networks (RAN) to managed services touching the customer.

Ixia security applications

Harden security defenses by simulating the latest threats along with legitimate traffic. Validate everything to ensure customers experience high quality security infrastructure.

Ixia offers performance

Live network testing with services roll out using IxChariot to re-check performance as you verify changes to network configurations and scale potential deployment scenarios.

Testing at chip level

Ixia IxVerify offers networking chip verification, from design to development. It is the industry’s only solution purpose-built for ‘pre-silicon’ testing. 

This ‘shift-left’ means that many tests companies used to do late in the verification flow cycle, they now can do much earlier. It also means that hardware and software verification is done at the same time, using either a software stack or script to generate the traffic flow. 

IxVerify supports all major electronic design automation (EDA) platforms.

Ixia microchip support

QA Functional Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) teams require a complete set of tools to verify performance at all layers of the networking stack. Ixia’s unparalleled portfolio includes IxNetwork physical and virtual editions for traffic generation, IxLoad for realistic application testing and QoE modeling by emulating web, video, voice, storage, security, and other protocols, and BreakingPoint physical and virtual editions for security testing, mixing malicious attacks with real network traffic. 

Ixia ATI subscription provides real-time data feeds with up-to-the-moment threat intelligence for the above solutions.

QA Functional Testing
Ixia system test

Feature and Service Validation (System Testing)

Once the system is ready for final test, IxChariot complements IxNetwork, IxLoad, and BreakingPoint by permitting networking vendors to confidently verify the performance and reliability of networks and applications running on a wide variety of transport interfaces, including wired, wireless, and virtual data centers.

Pre-deployment, QA teams or IT teams can run “what-if” scenarios to predict an application’s impact on devices or the network. Create test points across your network and run test sequences to see how well your new devices handle them.