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Performance Monitoring

Optimize application performance and end-user experience with dynamic network intelligence

Ensure quality of service and user experience

Dynamic network intelligence is key to delivering a high-quality end-user experience. With dynamic network intelligence you have the data you need to improve IT operations, troubleshooting, capacity planning, cloud migration, and cyber security. Learn how to make your network and application performance monitoring more accurate, timely, and cost-efficient.

Monitor your hybrid IT networks

See network traffic from physical and virtual infrastructure on-premises or in the public cloud. Use dynamic network intelligence to provide packet data from every part of your enterprise to all of your security and monitoring tools to ensure optimum network performance.

Ixia hybrid IT performance
Ixia efficient networks

Use network monitoring tools more efficiently

Traffic volume is growing, but your budget is not. Use dynamic network intelligence to get more value from the infrastructure you already have. Our intelligent packet broker solutions help your monitoring tools work more efficiently.

Get ahead of problems

Don’t wait for users to open a trouble ticket. Dynamic network intelligence helps you identify and resolve issues before they affect end-users. Our active monitoring solution validates network performance before new services are deployed.

Ixia dynamic network intelligence

Learn about network performance monitoring

Ixia ABCs performance monitoring

The ABCs of Performance Monitoring


Ensure performance and availability of business-critical applications

Ixia manage quality

Manage service quality at the network edge

Ixia Cisco Webinars

Ixia + Cisco webinar: Deploy hawkeye active monitoring on Cisco Cat9K

Additional Insight

Keysight has an extensive lineup of professional services that can help you get the additional insight you need into network performance.

We can help you with:

• Physical, virtual and cloud visibility

• Troubleshooting application and VPN performance

• Identifying network bottlenecks

• And much more!

Ixia pro services