Vision Edge OS

Disaggregate your visibility with Ixia’s Vision Edge OS for open switches

A next-gen packet broker

Vision Edge OS is Ixia’s market leading visibility software that powers its Vision portfolio of network packet brokers including the turnkey Vision ONE, Vision 7300, and Vision Edge 40 and 100. The modular operating software has now been extended to a open switch hardware by abstracting software from the underlying hardware.
Now enterprises, telcos and cloud service providers have the flexibility to expand their network visibility with their software defined data centers by using Vision Edge OS with open switches. Organizations are able to use production switches as NPBs, allowing them to leverage economies of scale and control costs, enabling the efficiency of a SDDC.
NPBs aggregate, filter and load-balance network packet data to seamlessly and efficiently deliver that packet data to security, forensics and performance management tools. Ixia’s Vision Edge OS software transforms open switches into NPBs, providing rack and data center visibility. It offers complete access for real-time visibility, insight, and security into high density hyperscale, microscale and SDDC networks, even as they expand.

Key features

Vision Edge OS is easy to download and install on an open-switch. The NPB solution comes with Ixia’s NetStack features:

Easy, flexible deployment

Vision Edge OS on an open switch can be used as an NPB at multiple tiers within a network architecture. With its filtering capabilities, it can easily be used at the edge, to receive and filter network data. Additionally, with the aggregation and load-balancing capabilities, it can be applied in a multi-tier architecture, to route traffic as well.
Moreover Vision Edge OS is compatible with Ixia’s Vision network packet brokers, to provide seamless, rack to data center-level visibility.

Access to advanced features

Open switches running Vision Edge OS can seamlessly integrate with Ixia’s turnkey Vision ONE and Vision 7300 network packet brokers. With this capability, advanced visibility intelligence capabilities can be leveraged:

A complete solution

With Vision Edge OS, open switches, Vision network packet brokers, as well as Ixia taps and bypass switches, organizations can create a complete visibility architecture for their software defined data centers to ensure they see all packet data, that security and monitoring tools have access to the right data, and all with a cost-effective, flexible solution.


“New approaches for pervasive network visibility in web scale and software-defined data centers are enabling cloud service providers, telecom service providers, and enterprises to gain deeper, valuable insights into network services using increasingly cost-effective and flexible approaches. Edgecore is pleased to collaborate with Ixia, to enable customers to benefit from Ixia’s Vision Edge OS on Edgecore’s open networking switches, as a feature-rich and powerful visibility platform for these modern disaggregated cloud and telecom infrastructures.”

Jeff Catlin, VP Technology, Edgecore Networks