iBypass 100G

Single Segment 100Gbps Intelligent Bypass Switch

Key features

100Gbps Intelligent Bypass Switch

Problem: Inline tools are a single point of failure in the network

Today’s organizations are facing a triad of network concerns: the increasing volume of multiprotocol traffic at higher data rates, mounting security threats, and a strict regulatory environment. Deploying inline tools to inspect and control network traffic can help block incoming threats, but inline tools also complicate network operations—the more tools you deploy, the more potential points of failure. And in the event an inline tool becomes unavailable, it can completely bring down the network link, significantly compromising network uptime and disrupting business continuity.

Solution: Increase network uptime with a high-density bypass platform

Get fail-safe inline protection for all network monitoring tools with Ixia’s iBypass 100G. You’ll improve overall network reliability, increase application availability, and add the convenience and cost savings of remote monitoring and control—all important requirements for any enterprise deployment.