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Setting the Bar for Layer 1 Switches






Cold Fusion chassis options

Chassis can be populated with any combination of interface blades

8-Slot chassis

The 12 RU 8-Slot chassis can be populated with up to eight Interface Blades. The chassis also houses integrated fabric control components, variable-speed fan units that automatically adjust according to the system temperature, and hot-swappable AC power supplies.

Port capacities per 8-Slot Chassis vary depending on the type of Interface blade used. Maximum port count is:

64 SFP interface blade

ColdFusion Interface blade options

Interface blades can be installed in any chassis slot

32 QSFP Interface blade.

Each 32 QSFP Interface Blade has 32 configurable QSFP28/SFP28 ports that support any MSA compliant QSFP module with data rates up to 128Gbps. Additionally, each port partitions into four 1Gbps- 28Gbps (32Gbps Fibre Channel) data lanes and using breakout cables each blade supports up to 128 data lanes.
Each 64 SFP Interface blade has 64 configurable SFP-based ports supporting any MSA compliant SFP module up to 28Gbps. (32Gbps Fibre Channel) Ethernet RJ45 SPF copper modules are also supported for rates up to 10G

Why Cold Fusion?

Lepton’s ColdFusion Layer 1 test automation switch enables the automation of 100% of lab infrastructure. With ColdFusion, network topology changes can be performed with the click of a button, or by integrating QA test scripts with ColdFusion APIs.

ColdFusion has the broadest media support, has the highest density, and the only Layer 1 switch 
that supports 10m to 128G in the same chassis.

Cost Savings

Increase Test Lab Utilization

Reduce Test Time