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Bad bot traffic is on the rise

Distinguishing malicious bots from good bots Is critical to
growing your online business

What does Radware Bot Manager do?

Radware Bot Manager provides comprehensive protection of web applications, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats like bots. Bot Manager provides precise bot management across all channels by combining behavioral modeling for granular intent analysis, collective bot intelligence and fingerprinting of browsers, devices and machines. It protects against all forms of account takeover (credential stuffing, brute force etc.), denial of inventory, DDoS, ad and payment fraud and web scraping to help organizations safeguard and grow their online operations.

Detect and mitigate automated threats to take control of bot traffic

79% of companies can’t differentiate good bots from bad

24% of total internet traffic is generated by bad bots

Radware’s Bot Manager solution helps businesses detect, classify, and remediate malicious bot activity

This video explains how Radware’s Bot Manager classifies and remediates malicious bot activity.

Watch to learn how to take control of bot traffic.

360° Protection

Accurate detection

IDBA filters highly sophisticated human-like bots at minimum false positives. Website functionality and user experience remain intact and scalability is maintained during peaks

Dedicated API protection

Ability to control navigation flow and fingerprint machine to machine communications to avoid invoking APIs that are accessed or targeted by malicious bots

Complete application security suite

Integrated bot management, WAF, API security and DDoS mitigation for a robust application protection solution

Comprehensive Bot Management

Easy integration

Flexible deployment in minutes with options to choose from, including integrating our JavaScript tag, cloud connectors, CDNs or web server plugin. Using Radware’s API-based approach, DNS redirection isn’t mandatory and deployment into existing applications is seamless.

Ability to handle bot traffic in multiple ways

Businesses have different needs. Radware allows custom actions, e.g. challenge, throttle, feed fake data, etc., leveraging responses in a closed-loop feedback system to minimize false positives.

Transparent reporting and comprehensive analytics

Granular classification of different types of bots enable management of network traffic. Reports provide visibility into sophisticated bot behaviors.

Prevent automated
attacks on
websites, mobile apps and APIs

Radware’s Bot Manager integrates with Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution (AMS) to offer the industry’s most advanced protection from sophisticated, automated attacks.

How to evaluate bot management solutions

This e-guide provides an overview of key criteria and technical capabilities security professionals should consider when evaluating bot management solutions.

Intent-based deep behavioral analysis: a proprietary bot detection technology

This white paper explains why Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis is critical to stopping sophisticated bots that leverage human-like behavior to achieve their mischievous goals.

Keeping APIs secure from bot cyberattacks

Despite their rapid and widespread deployment, APIs remain poorly protected against the rise of automated threats. Learn about the dangers of API bot attacks and the best ways to defend against them.