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Experience how we are redefining repair solutions with excellent responsive and expert support, fast turnaround times, and quality repairs. #Tempestrepair #howitshouldbe

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Telecom Repair Services

Our capabilities include the repair and testing of a broad range of wireless, wireline, and data products and technologies. We have the expertise to test products in-house. We are ISO 9000:2001 and TL9000 certified to nesure quality repair services.

As the leading OEM alternative we seek to become your trusted partner by providing you with excellent support our customer’s legacy network maintenance requirements with a high level of quality repair, dependable sales and technical support, and warranty to optimize total cost of ownership.

Ixia-edge computing min

Hawke eye

Active performance monitoring for your remote sites

Ixia’s Hawkeye is a synthetic monitoring platform that allows you to automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience of your customers. Your Vision E1S system acts as a Hawkeye endpoint, generating traffic and sending it across various hardware, software, and cloud-based endpoints.
You can proactively probe your network for vulnerabilities and compare metrics to predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) all while getting a detailed look at what your users are experiencing in real- time.
To find out more about the types of network performance tests, built-in KPIs, and other available endpoints, visit the Hawkeye web page.

Real time dashboard

Vision E1S is configured and controlled via the Hawkeye web-based platform. From the platform, you have access to:
Ixia-RT Dashboard