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Leading multi-vendor
equipment repair services

Tempest Telecom Solutions is your single source for multi-vendor network equipment repair, exchange, and test. Our repair solutions include: 

• Radio Access Networks (RAN)

• In Building/DAS

• Microwave

• Optical

• DC Power

• Servers

• Routers and Switches

How we help you

1. Speak with a Tempest Representative to help identify your business requirements. 

2. Receive your quote

3. Ship in your defective units

4. We ship your repaired or exchange products back to you

5. Self service portal for registration and order tracking

Why Tempest is the preferred choice

  • Centralized Depot Repair and Critical Sparing 
  • Advanced Exchange and Exchanges
  • Embedded Repair Lab (On your site)
  • Clean and Screen Test Services
  • Spares Parts Management (SPM) Programs
  • 24/7 Network Software TAC Support

Equipment Repair Facility in Coppell, Texas

State of the art repair facility and test lab with industry leading expert technicians.


What you can count on with
Tempest Repair

20 Days

Turnaround Time (TAT) 

On-Time Delivery



Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

1 Year



Return to Service (RTS) Yield


Also Available for Purchase


Replacement Programs