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SOLiD Hardware Repair Services

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SOLiD Network Hardware Maintenance

If you have SOLiD network equipment that you need repaired, contact us today. We can provide you with an RMA quickly.

Advantages of SOLiD Network Hardware Repair Services from Tempest

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Customers Love Our Support
Because We Help Them Save Time and Money Every Day

We are on a mission to help companies build and maintain networks that meet the demands of users efficiently, saving them time and money every day. Network operators are challenged to support legacy network technologies while continuing to build and enhance their network, as well as planning for the future. Our complete network lifecycle support solutions help our customers achieve their goals.

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Maintain your SOLiD equipment past its warranty or end of service life and get direct access to our technical support.

We make SOLiD hardware repair as simple as 1,2,3


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Save Time and Money on Repairs

Do you need SOLID equipment?

We can help you with lead times, discontinued equipment, and cost savings view our SOLiD inventory here.

MfgItem/Product CategoryModel/Part NumberPart Description
SolidDASAORM-TSW-ALI55AOptic Module B-Type: Alliance 2.0 ROU
SolidDASAORM-TSW-ST110BD-OPTIC, 4-port Optic Module
SolidDASAORM-TSW-ST140BOptic Module Rel_6.0 (SMDR-NH124 ROU)
SolidDASAWS-1RDU44.5TITAN 25W 2100MHz amplifier module for MRU or ARU Dual Module 25W Chassis - T_RDU_2100
SolidDASBIU-CAlliance Base Station Interface Unit, includes 19" BIU Chassis, MCPU Processor and MCDU Main Combiner Divider Unit Module
SolidDASDMS-1200DAS Management System for Alliance
SolidDASeMCDUProvides combining/splitting to support 4 eMDBU modules and 4 ODU connections. eMCDU includes interface for secondary eBIU. _x000D_
SolidDASHPOI_1900PHigh Power POI (20W), 1900MHz PCS
SolidDASHPOI_1900PHigh Power POI (20W), 1900MHz PCS
SolidDASHPOI_1900PHigh Power POI (20W), 1900MHz PCS
SolidDASHPOI_1900PHigh Power POI (20W), 1900MHz PCS
SolidDASHPOI_AWS 13High Power POI (20W), 2100MHz (AWS 1+3)
SolidDASHPOI_AWS 13High Power POI (20W), 2100MHz (AWS 1+3)
SolidDASHPOI_AWS 13High Power POI (20W), 2100MHz (AWS 1+3)
SolidDASHPOI_AWS13High Power POI (20W), 2100MHz (AWS 1+3)
SolidDASHRDU_1900P20 WATT 1900MHz Amplifier Module _x000D_
SolidDASHRDU_1900P_4040 WATT 1900MHz Amplifier Module
SolidDASHRDU_AWS20 WATT 2100MHz Amplifier Module
SolidDASHRDU_AWS13_4040 WATT 2100MHz Amplifier Module (AWS1+3)
SolidDASHROU_CU520 WATT 4-Port Bottom Plate, includes 4 bulkhead connectors, 7/16 DIN
SolidDASiBIU_ACiBIU Chassis, Includes: iMCPU, iMPSU_AC
SolidDASMDBU_700LTE_M700MHz LTE Full Band MIMO Input Module for the BIU
SolidDASMDBU_850C_700FBModule: 850MHz and 700MHz LTE full band input module for the BIU
SolidDASMRDU_2500_60TDD5W Remote Drive Unit, 2500 MHz TDD Amp Module; 60MHz contiguous bandwidth
SolidDASRDU-700LTE-S700MHz LTE Full Band SISO Amplifier Module (comes with cavity filter). Part of the Alliance Muli-Carrier DAS product portfolio.
SolidDASRDU_1900P_AWSModule: 1900MHz & 2100/1700Mhz AWS Amplifier Module
SolidDASRDU_1900_AWSModule: 1900MHz & 2100/1700Mhz AWS Amplifier Module
SolidDASRDU_700LTE_M700MHz LTE Full Band MIMO _x000D_
Remote Unit
SolidDASRDU_850C_700FBModule: 850MHz and 700MHz full band amplifier module (comes with cavity filter).
SolidDASRDU_850C_700LTEModule: 850MHz & 700MHz LTE Upper C Band Amplifier Module _x000D_
(comes with cavity filter)
SolidDASRDU_850C_700PSRDU850C700PS Cellular, 700 public safety, REMOTE UNITS, 25 DBM / 23 DBM, RDU-850C-700PS
SolidDASRDU_E_VHF_UHFAmplifier Module, +24 dBm, VHF/UHF for 2W Public Safety Remote Units (PS2ROU)
SolidDASRPSU (AC)ROU AC Power Supply
SolidDASSMDR-NH124R-Optic, Type B Module Multi-Band DAS
SolidDAST-RDU-700LTETITAN 25W 700LTE Remote Unit

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