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Network Testing

Simplify the complexity and safely
accelerate your journey to 5G

With the industry’s broadest set of 5G Test and Assurance solutions, Spirent helps service providers simplify 5G by reducing the complexity and economics of testing, verifying, and delivering 5G; accelerate 5G by expediting 5G innovation (R&D) and time-to-market of new services; and assure 5G operationally so it delivers new revenues, savings, and customer experiences.

Updated report – 5G:
What to expect In 2020

What does 2020 have in store for 5G?
Updated to include insights on the impacts of COVID-19, Spirent’s new report “5G: What to Expect in 2020” shares takeaways from hundreds of 5G engagements to show where investment is strongest, the trends that are driving rollouts, and a view of the road ahead for operators, network equipment manufacturers and device makers.

Spirent 2020 5G Expectations

Assuring the promise of 5G

A new approach to assurance and testing to
accelerate 5G innovation

Overcoming T&M, assurance challenges in 5G networks

Learn how test & assurance plays a critical role
in realizing the 5G opportunity

White Paper

Simplify 5G

This article examines the implications of 5G’s new network, new radio, and new cloud infrastructure and offers a 5G testing strategy for reducing the complexity and economics of safely delivering 5G.

White Paper

Accelerate 5G

This second in the Spirent 5G testing series explains how operators can accelerate 5G innovation (R&D) and time-to-market of new services by leveraging new approaches to 5G Network Validation, DevOps Continuous Testing, and 5G Cybersecurity testing.

White Paper

Assure 5G

This third in the Spirent 5G testing series explores how Service Assurance in the operational environments is an enabler for assuring 5G delivers the new revenues, new savings and experiences 5G promises.

5G service assurance

At MWC 2019, Steve Douglas, discusses service assurance for 5G network slicing, monetization and the business case for 5G, and the use of automation in current networks to cut costs, as well as active emulation for security and the use of emulated digital twins for network testing and planning. An RCR Wireless News interview.

NFV service assurance in a
virtual world — TIA NOW

Performance is critical for virtual networks. But how will NFV maintain service levels that propel 5G networks efficiently? Dave Stehlin, General Manager of the Lifecycle Assurance Business Unit at Spirent Communications, shares his insights with TIA NOW.

5G a new dawn for connected devices

Global provider of testing, assurance, analytics, and security solutions, Spirent and National Instruments the leaders in automated test and measurement systems, describe how their partnership is a breakthrough approach to 5G device performance testing.

What are the next steps to monetizing
new 5G networks?

With fifty new 5G networks anticipated to launch in 2019, Spirent, the leading global providers of testing, assurance, analytics, and security solutions, tells IoTNow that the real challenges are how to ensure 5G lives up to the hype and more importantly, where will new revenue come from?


Simplifying 5G with the
network digital twin

The 5G digital twin is a new agile approach to testing and assurance providing an emulated, software replica of the 5G physical network.

Automated assurance key to automation of 5G and SD-WAN operations

CSPs must embrace automated operations powered by automated assurance to succeed in their digital transformation initiatives, and to operationalize 5G and SD-WAN at scale. However, CSPs must not wait for the full implementation of cloud-native 5G networks to start their journeys towards extreme automation.

Spirent automated 5GsPIRENT aUTOMATED 5g
Assuring the Evolution to 5G

Assuring the evolution to 5G

Most providers plan to take an evolutionary approach to 5G, starting with 4G evolved pack core (EPC) control / user plane separation (CUPS), then migrating to 5G non-standalone (NSA) and finally deploying full native 5G. To learn more about what it takes to assure a successful journey from 4G to native 5G, download or request a printed copy of our poster, Assuring the Evolution to 5G.

The impact of 5G on location technologies

Location and positioning technologies are some of the most interesting areas of advancement in 5G. It is critical to test these new technologies to ensure the location accuracy of 5G devices and services, as well as determine any impact to already-proven 4G positioning technologies, which will still be critically relied upon in the initial stages of 5G implementation. Read Spirent’s white paper to learn more.

Spirent 5G Impact

Accelerating 5G innovation with universities

Universities around the globe are actively engaged in researching and developing technology and commercial applications for 5G. Aside from the quest for knowledge itself, these institutions have much to gain. Download the white paper to learn more and discover how Test and Assurance solutions are helping Universities establish leadership in 5G research and financial sustainability.

Additional Spirent 5G information

Spirent Webinar: Securing the Promise of 5G



  1. 5G Security
  2. Assuring 5G Network Slicing
  3. The Digital Twin Concept for 5G Networks
  4. Assuring the Promise of the 5G Network Core
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