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Spirent Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Automotive Navigation and Autonomy

GNSS Testing for Connected Autonomous Vehicles

The safety critical applications of GNSS in CAV mean that, more than ever, OEMs and suppliers need to verify every development at every stage. From full HiL integrations through to high resolution record and playback, Spirent’s lab test solutions are perfectly suited for evaluating the performance, quality and reliability of the latest technologies – giving our customers performance and peace of mind.

Simple integration with SimGEN®

Spirent’s SimGEN suite integrates with IPG CarMaker, Oktal SE-NAV, and Microsoft AirSim to make the ultimate CAV testing solution.

SimGEN is a software suite that can create a vast range of signals, effects, error models, trajectories and much more. It brings together 30 years of expertise in a tool which, when combined with a Spirent Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) RF simulator, forms a world-class test solution for all forms of GNSS technology R&D—from the development of a GNSS receiver or GNSS-enabled device, to the development of a GNSS itself.

Spirent SimGen

Sensor Fusion Testing using HiL Simulation

Hybrid positioning and sensor fusion often require extensive testing to ensure the various data inputs are correlated accurately under real-world conditions. Increasingly, CAV developers are using HiL test setups to ensure systems interoperability. Spirent’s GSS7000 simulator, with industry leading positioning application software, is an ideal tool for supporting this. Find out more about Spirent’s GSS7000 simulator.

Realistic 3D Models

GNSS positioning and navigation can be degraded in urban environments by multipath, and the error can increase considerably if not properly compensated. The use of 3D models is becoming the preferred solution as it enables greater flexibility and accuracy in both antenna position and signal propagation.

Capturing the Real-World RF Environment

Because of the slow and expensive nature of field testing, there is a powerful argument for replacing a significant proportion of it with an RF Record & Playback solution. This can enable high-fidelity recording of real-world environments, bringing them into the lab for repeatable testing and allows you to:
  • Record GNSS signals, Celullar (LTE), and WiFi
  • Capture obscuration, multipath, diffraction, and interference – accurately
  • Record IMU and CANoe data
  • Replay in the the lab to assist ADAS development or IVS testing
Spirent Real-World RF Environment

Improving PNT for Smarter Drones

As drones and unmanned vehicles are becoming more widely used for more applications, the need to ensure position accuracy is growing. This eBook explains the different navigational technologies for drones and appropriate tests to give the right level of position accuracy.
Spirent TSN Interoperability Test
GNSS Vulnerabilities Testing

Test, analyze and validate in-vehicle and V2X networks

The low power of GNSS signals on Earth and the widely disclosed GNSS signal format bring vulnerabilities of signal jamming, atmospherics (scintillation and space weather), and location or time spoofing.

Ensure compliance to latest standards

Spirent automotive test solutions help you optimize all aspects of in-vehicle and V2X connectivity to provide the experiences that modern drivers and passengers demand. Test your new automotive devices and networks to ensure they conform to industry standards, meet customer expectations, and deliver market-leading performance.
V2X networks


Achieving Autonomous Driving with Simulation and Testing
In this webinar, a team of Spirent experts will examine the available methodologies that can accelerate improvements, save money, and reduce the workload on key engineering functions on the journey to autonomous vehicles.


How to simulate GNSS signal propagation in urban environments
In this eBook Spirent explores why developers need greater realism in multipath and obscuration testing.

Case Study

Spirent brings realistic GNSS signal simulation into Italdesign’s autonomous vehicle testing lab

Italdesign has created a simulation platform to test connected and autonomous vehicle designs with hardware in the loop. Find out how Spirent helped.

Products suitable for testing connected autonomous vehicles

Spirent GSS7000


To test repeatably and reliably you’ll need a high accuracy simulator. Spirent’s GSS7000 is available with 3 different levels of software—SimGEN™ / SimREPLAYplus™ / SimTEST—and offers all current and future signals.


Sim3D is a unique system for simulating GNSS propagation in a true to life synthetic environment. Different realistic environments can be modelled— e.g., urban, deep urban, dense forest, or highways.
Spirent GSS6450


The Spirent GSS6450 is the world’s smallest high bit depth RF record and playback device, and can offer:
  • 3 independent RF ports
  • Record and playback:
    • Multi-GNSS/multi-frequency/LTE/Wi-Fi
    • Up to 4 cameras
    • CANoe
PNT TestBench

PNT TestBench

Developed with direct feedback from the Joint Research Centre, Spirent’s new automated eCall Test Suite is a turnkey solution for ensuring your in-vehicle system (IVS) is compliant with Annex VI of the eCall regulation.
GSS7725 Interference Generator

GSS7725 Interference Generator

Testing against different types of GNSS interference is a key consideration in the development of successful products, and Spirent have developed the GSS7725 to make that more accessible for more businesses.
Spirent GSS200D Detector

GSS200D Detector

Because intentional or unintentional Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are impacting GNSS performance, knowing your RF environment is critical. Spirent GSS200D is a truly end-to-end solution that builds up a complete picture of interference activity at site of interest.
Spirent TTsuite-WAVE-DSRC


Test solution enabling the automated execution of WAVE conformance tests to ensure your V2X implementations or systems are based on and compliant to USDOT test specifications.
Spirent TTsuite-ITS-G5


Automated test solution for running ITS-G5 conformance tests to ensure your implementations or systems are based on and compliant to ETSI test specifications.
Spirent V2X Emulator

GSS200D Detector

Save time and costs with this test bed for validation and performance benchmarking of V2X applications in various stages of the development cycle that brings real-world traffic scenarios into the lab.

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