Spirent CloudSure

NFV cloud test platform

Build better clouds

Industry’s first standards-based NFV Cloud test platform, Spirent CloudSure enables service and cloud providers to deploy successful NFV roll-outs and deliver service flexibility and agility to end users.

Tempest Telecom - Spirent CloudSure partner

Validate virtualized infrastructure

Benchmark and validate NFV and Cloud ecosystems, optimize performance, conquer complexity, resolve interoperability challenges, and realize the benefits of virtualized environments including 5G with Spirent CloudSure.

Get visibility into cloud resources

Get actionable insights into performance bottlenecks by correlating statistics with workload or traffic generation to optimize OpenStack and VMware-based cloud environments. Powerful live time-series charts and metrics for enhanced troubleshooting.

Spirent CloudSure resources
Spirent CloudSure migration

Accelerate cloud migrations

Realize the benefits of application migration to Cloud – private, public or hybrid – by simply understanding how your Cloud infrastructure will handle intended application workloads, to help accelerate cloud application migrations.

Benchmark virtualized infrastructure

Leverage Spirent’s expertise through a set of test templates defined around real-world requirements designed to measure performance and provide insight into NFV and Cloud infrastructure including network, compute, memory and storage.

Benchmark virtualized infrastructure

The modular architecture of Spirent CloudSure allows for the creation of customized test templates to help address other cloud testing challenges, such as comparing cloud performance, cloud workload migration, and capacity planning.

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