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Data Breach Assessment

Get proactive about assessing your security posture

The simple, accurate way to identify security vulnerabilities
Data breaches are increasingly common and costly. CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment delivers accurate, automated, continuous and thorough assessment of your live production environment safely using emulated attacks, malware and application scenarios to validate your security operations — so you can identify and address vulnerabilities before attackers do.

If you’re in the market for an automated security assessment solution, the inclusion of data breach emulation makes CyberFlood an excellent candidate to consider. It provides valuable insight into how a security infrastructure will perform when faced with a real-world attack."

The company continues to increase its value to customers by expanding its capabilities to the attacks most relevant to its customer base, which is exactly what it did with the launch of its breach-emulation feature, which focuses on more sophisticated multi-layer attack campaigns."

...There are few competitors with the breadth of security-performance testing offerings and depth of expertise that Spirent is able to offer, giving the company an early advantage in the market."

Unlike testing solutions that simulate attacks, CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment uses actual attack components, true hacker activity and malware executables to assess an organization’s vulnerability to cybercrime."

Prevent data breach attacks

Why do data breach attacks continue to succeed despite advancements in security technology and increasing security budgets? This paper cites the key reasons and provides an overview of how proactive security approaches have proven to be extremely effective at knowing your vulnerabilties against sophisticated data breach attacks: CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment.

Spirent CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment
CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment non-traditional assessments

Move beyond traditional assessments

Find out why CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment is uniquely capable of continually validating your network security posture. Learn how combining the concepts of Red Team penetration testing and Blue Team defensive testing and automates them into Purple Team assessments— with thousands of the most advanced attack and application scenario emulation capabilities gives you the best indication of how robust your security posture actually is.

Tame the complexity of data breach assessment

Get the details and specifications you need to fully evaluate and plan your deployment of CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment, including features and functionality, threat intelligence feeds, automated assessment capabilities, deployment process, reporting capabilities and more.

CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment complexity

Data breach stats

Nearly 8 billion information records were exposed in 2017 — the result of a record-breaking 5,207 reported data breaches.
– Dark Reading, February 2018
The average cost of a data breach in 2017 was $3.62 million.
– Ponemon Institute
2017 Cost of Data Breach Study
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