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Spirent Fit4Launch

Pre-launch programs to test real world device performance

Assure the promise of a quality user experience across devices, networks and services

Spirent’s Fit4Launch® pre-launch certification programs are built on 10+ years of best practices spanning the successful launch of over 1,500 devices. Fit4Launch benefits the full wireless ecosystem – chipset and device manufacturers, service providers, and, above all, the consumer – with measurable improvements to end-user video, voice and data experiences.

What to test

Wireless device

Device models

Over 1,500 device models evaluated with Fit4Launch before going to customers

wireless device issues

Detected issues

Over 650 device models required improvement due to serious user experience issues

lab testing

Lab tests

Greater than 9,000 user experience tests performed in the Fit4Launch Lab

mobile signal strength

Live network tests

Greater than 17,000 stationary and mobile user experience tests performed in the live network

delivering strong signal

Miles driven

More than 1,000,000 miles driven by Fit4Launch vehicles in the live network

data sessions

Calls & data sessions

More than 30,000,000 calls and data sessions established with live network servers

All Devices are not created equal


The Fit4Launch value proposition

The device manufacturer or operator spends less than 1 cent per device

The operator gets 50 cents per device in cost-savings and increased revenues through improved used experience


Fit4Launch infrastructure

Fit4Launch combines lab and field testing for comprehensive device and/or network performance evaluation of video, data, and voice services. Our lab in Frederick, MD, supports evaluation of hundreds of devices per year and our fleet of 41 vehicles is deployed in 9 US cities to perform live network stationary and drive tests. In addition, live network servers are located worldwide to support our customers globally.

Fit4Launch infrastructure
Spirent Device Testing

Test your devices, your way

Spirent’s performance lab in Frederick, MD, is equipped to evaluate video, data and voice quality on any mobile device according to your needs and specifications. Our experts can help you optimize and benchmark your devices against the wealth of information gained over many years of QoE testing.