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GSS9000 Series GNSS Simulator

The GSS9000 Series offers the very best in performance, flexibility, and capability to GNSS developers, delivering maximum performance without compromise. 


Redefining industry expectations with world-leading innovation

Developing positioning, navigation and timing systems for military, space, and other high precision applications requires comprehensive, highly sophisticated testing. The GSS9000 Series offers:

  • Flexibility – in-field upgradeability, on-the-fly configuration, and seamless integrations
  • Performance – uncompromising architecture with dedicated PNT testing hardware
  • Capability – complex multipath environments and classified signal simulation


GSS9000 Series datasheet

Learn more about the functionality, performance data, and configuration information of the GSS9000 Series.

“Spirent has world-class products and services, which provide good support for our scientific research and talent training. Their BDS signals (B1C, B2a and B3i) fully met our test requirements.”

Professor Mingquan Lu

Tsinghua University, Beijing

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Features & Datasheets

The ultimate test tool

The GSS9000 is the ultimate in dedicated PNT testing platforms. Powered by SimGEN, the GSS9000 delivers:

  • 1000Hz sampling rate for high-fidelity re-creation of trajectories

  • Unrivalled signal fidelity, accuracy, and spectral purity

  • Zero-effective latency for hardware-in-the-loop configurations

  • Integration with SimINERTIAL for synchronous sensor emulation

  • 3D environment modelling with Sim3D


The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available


Realistic 3D modelling for multipath and obscuration testing.


Fully controllable emulation of inertial sensor outputs.