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GNSS/GPS Simulator

GSS9000 Series GNSS Simulator

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Key benefits

With full field-upgradeability, on-the-fly reconfigurations, and supporting all current and future constellations and frequencies, the GSS9000 offers the flexibility advanced test programs require to succeed. With up to 320 channels and 10 independent RF outputs, and supporting any combination of civilian and restricted signals, developers can hone the next generation of multi-frequency multi-constellation systems. The new flexible signal feature enables users to set up and control non-current SIS ICD PRN codes, nav data content/rate, chipping rate, edge shaping and modulation type, offering the future proofing required by evolving test regimens.

1 KHz update rate enables latency-free testing in high dynamics and hardware-in-the-loop configurations.

  • 120 km/s relative velocity
  • 193 km/s2 relative acceleration
  • 890 km/s3 relative jerk
  • 60π rad/s angular rate
  • 0.3 mm RMS pseudorange accuracy

The GSS9000 meets all performance specifications under all test conditions.

Generate up to 10 concurrent constellations for advanced spoofing testing, with multiple vehicles specified at one RF output. Onboard ground transmitter (GTx) jamming capability, extensive multipath modelling, as well as modelling for:

  • Tx and Rx antenna gain and phase pattern
  • Lever arm effects
  • Ionosphere and troposphere
  • DGPS corrections
  • Pseudorange ramps for RAIM testing and spoofing
  • Vehicle motion

Spirent’s SimGEN is the most powerful tool available to GNSS test and development teams.

The GSS9000 Series supports testing with:

  • Y Code
  • AES & SDS M Code
  • MNSA
  • NavIC RS
  • PRS – via 3rd party tool

The GSS9000 is designed to work flawlessly with a number of complementary tools. These include:

  • SimINERTIAL – emulate inertial sensor outputs
  • SimSENSOR – emulate the output of key MEMS sensors
  • SimREMOTE – powerful remote command function
  • Sim3D – realistic multipath testing with 3D models
  • SimHIL – API with software interface for hardware-in-the-loop test integration.
  • SimSAFE – spoofing interface tool
  • GSS7765 – comprehensive interference testing

The Spirent advantage

The updated GSS9000 Series is built on experience gained over more than 30 years of supporting GNSS application development. Our systems offer the proven performance and reliability that our customers demand.

Spirent offers:

  • Feature-rich software as standard
  • Highly extensible, future proofed solutions
  • A deep understanding of our customers’ challenges
  • Investment in cutting edge development and continuous improvement
  • Quality systems backed up by a global support network
  • Bespoke solutions capability to support special applications and configurations
  • Large team dedicated to implementing new signals and ICDs

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