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Spirent Velocity

Lab as a Service Platform (LaaS)

Lab as a Service

Spirent Velocity is the most complete and automated LaaS solution. It orchestrates physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. It empowers DevOps workflows with continuous testing across multiple testbeds. Velocity cuts both capital and operating expenses via maximized equipment utilization, reduced test bed setup time, actionable management information, and minimized power consumption.

Spirent Velocity Actionable Information
Sprent Velocity Built-in Automated Workflow
Spirent Velocity Automated Testbed
Spirent Velocity Topology and Abstraction
Spirent Velocity Hybrid testbeds
Spirent Velocity Global Resource Access
Spirent Velocity Automatable & Extensible

Spirent Velocity Interactive Workflow Automation

Customer Testimonial: Calix Virtual Innovation Lab

Pierre Frigon, Sr. Manager Systems Test at Calix, explains how Spirent enabled Calix to consolidate four labs into a single web accessible virtual lab which is available 24/7/365. Spirent Velocity was used to completely automate the Calix virtual lab environment, leading to a staggering 300x acceleration of testbed setup.

Spirent Velocity Framework

Velocity framework —
built for business

The Velocity Framework is the ideal platform for you to build on top of. It employs four ‘Build it Smart’ (BIS) imperatives, modular design, and REST API, to straightforwardly integrate into your existing DevOps tool chain.

Building complete Lab as a Service solution

Spirent has partnered with Rahi Systems to expand its Lab as a Service (LaaS) solution suite with design, buildout, and integration services for lab environments. Together, Spirent and Rahi Systems bring a full-service portfolio to enable the Integration, Orchestration, and Networking required to create automated development and test environments. This solution, referred to as ION, saves millions in lab-related operating expenses and capital expenditure per year and optimizes key testing workflows from hours to minutes.

Spirent / Rahi Systems
Nokia 5G Lab

Our goals for the 5G Lab as a Service include automation of 5G lifecycle testing and more efficient sharing of physical and virtual test resources across teams. Spirent’s automation expertise and Lab as a Service platform, Spirent Velocity, have been critical to our successful deployment in Oulu. We expect to achieve significant acceleration of 5G lifecycle tests along with a substantial reduction in test infrastructure costs as we deploy 5G Lab as a Service throughout Nokia.”

– Rauno Jokelainen, Vice President of Radio and Advanced Antennas at Nokia

Palo Alto Velocity Lab as a Service

Since implementing Spirent’s Velocity Lab as a Service, we have seen significant savings by reducing the time our engineers collectively spend per week on lab setup. Further, thanks to the usage metrics that the Spirent solution provides, we can now easily direct resources to equipment that is most in demand and ensure availability to our most important users. The result is improved workflow efficiencies that save money and time for our team, and even more importantly, translates into increased customer satisfaction.”

– Matthew Stauble, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Customer Service & Support at Palo Alto Networks

Fiberhome Networking

Velocity’s ability to set up testbeds quickly and efficiently has reduced our testbed set up time by over 90%, dramatically increasing our testing capacity. In addition, Velocity’s dashboards help us share equipment across teams more efficiently, reducing equipment costs substantially. Beyond these key benefits, we selected Velocity due to Spirent’s commitment to understanding our test automation goals and ability to achieve them.”

– Mr. Hu Guohua, General Manager of FiberHome’s Networking Business Unit Testing Department

Calix achieves 300x improvement in test setup

Spirent Landslide supports a unique set of testing methodologies that combine sets of isolated node and end-to-end test cases that offer service providers and equipment vendors, a fully-controlled test environment. It can be embedded in the NFVI and offer the correct combination of test capabilities and methodologies to ensure a successful deployment and maintenance of a virtualized EPC.

FiberHome Accelerates New Product Releases

FiberHome accelerates new product releases

Engineers increase productivity through automated testbed standup using Spirent Velocity.

Major service provider automated inefficient workflows

Engineering and validation teamwork efficiencies dramatically increased using Spirent Velocity Solution.

Spirent Velocity Solution increases teamwork efficiencies
Spirent Velocity Lab as a Service

Network security leader transforms global labs

Velocity Lab as a Service transformed the network security leader’s labs into fully automated, 24×7 operations across the globe.

Service provider improves time-to-market for new services

Automated hundreds of manual tests to expand testing capacity, thus compressing test cycles with Velocity and iTest.

Velocity reduces time-to-market
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