Spirent Virtualization and cloud computing

Validate your virtual infrastructure

Whether you are data center operator, cloud or service provider, you are always looking to leverage cloud-enabled network services and innovations like SDN and NFV. However, how can you predict NFV deployments to give expected performance and SDN environments to scale to meet future needs? Spirent’s Virtual solutions can help you validate NFV infrastructure, VNFs and Network Services by creating elastic test topologies to run on both control plane and data plane to stress simulated, virtualized network functions.

Physical to virtual migration

All the investment made over the years in testing carrier-grade network functions is expected to be ported over to Virtual infrastructure. Spirent’s Virtual solution delivers a unified testing architecture that ensures full compatibility with any Spirent TestCenter interface and enables porting of prior investment in test cases for physical to virtual.

Key highlights


  • Layer 2–7 test and measurement capabilities for legacy and emerging SDN protocols
  • Comprehensive emulation protocols available in virtual routing, switching, access, applications, mobile backhaul and multi-play bundles
  • Deploy best in class cloud platforms OpenStack, VMware vCloud, Cloudstack, and AWS. And supported on hypervisors including ESXi, QEMU/KVM, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Oracle VM


  • Maximize test coverage with 100% flexible and portable test cases from hardware to virtual
  • Accelerate innovation by seamlessly migrate to virtualized datacenter or cloud deployments with lowest possible risk
  • Validate SDN and NFV migrations by characterizing the performance of virtual appliances in a multitude of real-world scenarios

Assuring the promise of SD-WAN

A comprehensive SD-WAN testing and validation approach is required to ensure the integrity and the delivery of SD-WAN. Learn how Spirent can help accelerate the design, development and deployment of SD-WAN services and products.

Virtualized regression testing

Automation and virtualization of the regression testing platform minimizes time-to-market of hardware or VNF products. Spirent Virtual solution accelerates feature development and lowers capital and operational costs of regression platforms with continuous integration and the ability to scale.

Scale testing of modern clouds

If you don’t measure the entire Data Center stack, you don’t know how it will perform in the real-world when fully populated with VMs. Spirent HyperScale solution provides end-to-end network testing between nodes in Data Center multi-tenancy and helps you measure a cloud-scale platform.

Accelerating NFV deployments

NFV offers many benefits to network and data center operators. But, how do you select right technologies for configuring infrastructure, optimizing performance, and hardening security. Spirent’s Virtual solution delivers layer 2-7 functional and performance testing of virtual and physical network resources.

Conformance Testing

Through conformance testing, NEMs, SPs and Data Center Operators verify the interoperability and reliability of their new products or services in a multi-vendor environment. Spirent Conformance Test Solution offers the most comprehensive test coverage in the industry to help improve this testing process.

Ultimate scale testing with Spirent Hyperscale

Looking to measure the capacity of your pumped-up cloud data center that has 100,000 or a million VMs? Then look no further, Spirent’s HyperScale is your answer.

Spirent Hyperscale solution

Looking to measure the capacity of your pumped-up cloud data center? Then look no further. Spirent HyperScale, industry’s first scale test solution is your answer.

Regression testing is always on

Learn why automation and virtualization of the regression testing platform minimizes time-to-market of hardware or VNF products.

Moving From NFV POC to deployment

Virtualization is meant to revolutionize the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network. Explore Spirent’s NFV solutions today.

Spirent Testcenter Virtual

A software module that extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches and cloud platforms.

Moving SDN Forward: deploy with confidence

Explore how Spirent can help provide the configurations and tests that must be performed in order to guarantee a trouble-free SDN deployment.

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