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SpyCloud Solutions

Take Action Before Criminals Do

After a data breach, criminals quickly monetize the data, often by using stolen credentials to gain easy access to consumer accounts and corporate systems. If your employees, consumers, or third-parties have credentials or PII exposed in a data breach, they are at high risk of account takeover fraud.

SpyCloud can help you prevent account takeover and combat online fraud with proactive solutions that leverage the largest repository of recovered breach assets in the world.

SpyCloud featured solutions


Credential stuffing and account takeover protection

SpyCloud Zero Trust

Always verifying identities to combat fraud

SpyCloud ATO Solutions

Alerts you to stolen passwords before criminals have a chance to use them

About SpyCloud

A cybersecurity and big data company
SpyCloud’s solutions are backed by the largest repository of stolen credentials and PII in the world, recovered through access to massive breach database enables enterprises to quickly identify and take action on exposed accounts, preventing those exposures from progressing to account takeovers.
Current, relevant, truly actionable data
SpyCloud uses Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to quickly recover current breach data within days of the breach occurring. Their unique data cleansing and password cracking process reveals exposed credentials faster and with greater match rates.

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