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Submit Your Request for Repair Service

Our team will review your request and process your RMA quickly.

Our Ship to Address will be emailed with the RMA
If you do not have a file, enter the quantity, part number, serial number, and fault description if available.
Our RMA Overview:

Tempest will email an RMA form with our shipping address. You can print this form and use it as a packing slip. Please include the RMA number on the outer packaging.

After repairing, Tempest will return the good/repaired unit(s) to the shipping address and email an invoice for purchase orders.

The invoice will include the repair price, the return shipping cost, and any applicable sales tax. Please attach a resale certificate if you are tax exempt.

For credit card orders, an email from will be sent for payment.

Unrepairable Items:

If an item is unrepairable, you will be notified via email with the option to either scrap the unrepairable unit at our facility or have it returned to you.

There is no service charge for unrepairable items, but you are responsible for the transportation costs for any items returned.

A credit will be issued for credit card orders and an email will be sent to the requestor.

If available, Tempest will also offer a refurbished unit to exchange for unrepairable items.


All repairs come with a standard 1-year warranty from the date of completion. Warranty coverage is limited to the components repaired during the original repair and does not cover new defects. However, some customers may have other warranty agreements with us and we will honor the repairs accordingly.