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Tempest Verified SFPs

Introducing a better way to validate Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFP) at Scale

Tempest Verified SFPs

•  VST is an independent 3rd party that provides the industry standard for functional verification and identification of counterfeit network hardware


• Electronic verification includes 12-14 industry standard and VST proprietary tests


• Visual confirmation includes product samples that have been approved by the manufacturer


Securing Networks with Verified Infrastructure​

Introducing a better way to validate Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFP) at Scale

Trust Begins in Hardware:Deliver security effectiveness against counterfeit hardware

Verifying Trust:Accurately detect and identify counterfeit and modifications

Continuous Validation: Eliminate the risk by verifying hardware before deployment

Summary of Testing and Verification


• VST counterfeit filter utilizes multiple industry standards, VST proprietary and manufacturer specific tests to analyze and identify counterfeit network hardware

• Electronic verification and reporting includes 16 industry standard tests

• VST developed test procedure standards using proprietary test procedures they developed with the largest SFP manufacturers

• Thousands of devices have been tested and analyzed by VST confirming its accuracy


• Confirms that the product you purchased is the product you receive​

​• Provides protection from fraud​​

• Verification is the most effective method of identifying non-authentic hardware prior to installation into your network​

• Ensures quality of network performance and security with validation​

Verification report – a trusted mark

  • Date Manufactured: 11/15/2018
  • Product NumberSFP-10G-LR-S
  • Revision:V01
  • Mfr. Name: CISCO-FINISAR
  • Part Number: FTLX1475D3BCL-C3
  • Serial Number: FNS22460ZWH
  • Type Identifier: SFP
  • Latch Color: Blue
  • Transceiver Code: 10G Base-LR
  • Serial Encoding Algorithm: 64B/66B
  • Type of Connector: LC
  • Link Length: 10 Kilometers
  • Condition: Used
  • Vendor OUI: 00-90-65
  • Date Tested: 2/21/2020
  • Functionality: Test Passed
  • Multiple Layer Analyzation
  • IEEE Registry: Confirmed

Actual verification support

Sample list of verified SFPs


10GBASE SR SFP+  Cisco

10GBASE SR-X SFP+  Cisco

10GBASE LR SFP+  Cisco and Ericsson

10GBASE LR-X SFP+  Cisco

10GBASE LR-M SFP+  Cisco

10GBASE ER SFP+  Cisco

10GBASE ZR SFP+  Cisco