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ABB Galaxy 4830

The Catalyst 6500 Series Switches offer high-speed performance, with the ability to support up to 720 Gbps switching capacity, making them suitable for large enterprise networks.

ABB Infinity S

The ASR9000 Series routers are designed to provide high reliability, with features such as redundant power supplies and fan trays, hot-swappable modules, and nonstop forwarding capabilities.

ABB CPS 6000

The Nexus 9000 Series Switches offer flexibility to support a wide range of deployment scenarios, including traditional three-tier data center architectures and modern spine-leaf architectures.

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Part NumberHeci/CleiDescription
ABBPower407998137 CIRCUIT BREAKER 3A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower407998145 CIRCUIT BREAKER 5A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower407998152 CIRCUIT BREAKER 10A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower407998160 CIRCUIT BREAKER 15A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower407998194 CIRCUIT BREAKER 25A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower407998210 45 amp circuit breaker.
ABBPower407998228 Circuit Breaker: Galaxy 50 AMP PLUG IN CIRCUIT BREAKER
ABBPower407998277 CIRCUIT BREAKER 100A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower408213486 CIRCUIT BREAKER 40A 150VDC 600VAC
ABBPower408490258 Breaker: 35A, Bullet, Black handle, 1 pin w/alarm strap
ABBAncillary850021775 2-Pole Adapter Busbar

ABBAncillary850021955 3-Pole Adapter Busbar

ABBPower595LTAPBP2W20EAAGalaxy Switchmode Rectifier, -48V, 380/400/480 AC Input
ABBPower595LTA-S-2PBP4ACLGalaxy Switchmode Rectifier, -48V, 380/400/480 AC Input
ABBPowerCC109142881 Power Unit 48V to 24V Converter Module
ABBPowerCC109156898PBC2AAZSPS Power Shelf Pulsar Edge Controller
ABBPowerCC109171674 125Amp breaker kit
ABBAncillaryCC848756924 3-Position Adaptor Bus Bar Kit (two per breaker requiered).
ABBPowerNE050AC48A Rectifier, 175-275Vac input, 48V, 50A output
ABBPowerNE050AC48ATEZ Rectifier: single-phase AC, 95 to 275VAC CC109158878
ABBPowerNE100AC24A Module: NE Series, Rectifier, 200-240Vac Input, 100A/24V Output, CC 109138302
ABBPowerNE843E CPS6000 Pulsar Plus Controller
ABBPowerSM50H48DPBP3A06GAARectifier 48V 50A ESR48/50D