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Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8000 Digital Radio

Manufacturer Part Number: MDR-8000

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The Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8000 Digital Radio is a reliable and versatile communication system that meets the needs of engineering teams in challenging environments. Its advanced features and benefits make it an essential tool for any engineering operation.


  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides clear audio quality in noisy environments.
  • Frequency agility allows for flexible frequency selection and adaptation to changing conditions.
  • Built-in diagnostics and remote monitoring capabilities enable quick troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Multiple channel capacity and trunking support provide efficient communication for large teams.
  • High power output ensures reliable communication over long distances



  • Increased productivity: The MDR-8000’s efficient communication capabilities enable engineering teams to work collaboratively, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Enhanced safety: Clear and reliable communication is essential for worker safety in critical engineering operations, and the MDR-8000 delivers even in the most challenging environments.
  • Cost-effective: The MDR-8000 is a cost-effective solution for engineering communication needs, with a scalable and flexible design that reduces maintenance costs.
  • Future-proof: With advanced features and capabilities, the MDR-8000 is designed to meet the evolving needs of engineering operations for years to come.

Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8000 Digital Microwave Radio Family