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C&D Sageon

The Catalyst 6500 Series Switches offer high-speed performance, with the ability to support up to 720 Gbps switching capacity, making them suitable for large enterprise networks.

C&D Battery

The ASR9000 Series routers are designed to provide high reliability, with features such as redundant power supplies and fan trays, hot-swappable modules, and nonstop forwarding capabilities.
The Nexus 9000 Series Switches offer flexibility to support a wide range of deployment scenarios, including traditional three-tier data center architectures and modern spine-leaf architectures.

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Part NumberHeci/CleiDescription
C&DPower100.7650.00 Rectifier: 24 VOLT 100 AMP RECTIFIER
C&DPower100.7665.4825 Sageon Tower 48VDC 25Amp Rectifier
C&DPower100-7540-00A Rectifier 48VDC 50AMP INPUT:176/264VAC, 50/60HZ,1-PHASE MODEL: HFM48BC50
C&DPower100-7665-4825 Sageon Micro 48V, 25-amp Rectifier
C&DPower103-4130-48 Sageon Micro 48V Controller
C&DPowerH48120V4U18AR Micro Sageon 4RU Chassis, 3 rectifier slots