Copper Taps

Provide complete traffic visibility to 

copper links

The Ixia line of copper taps provides complete traffic visibility and access to any network connection. A copper tap can be deployed onto any inline copper network link, delivering permanent monitoring access ports. The copper tap provides an out-of-band monitoring or security tool, with all traffic as if it were sitting inline. The taps send copies of traffic, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors, from each side of the full-duplex network link to its respective monitor ports. Ixia Copper Taps provide network isolation, dropping any traffic that is accidentally or maliciously transmitted back onto the monitor ports. The copper taps are isolated from the network because they have no IP address, eliminating exposure to external attacks.
The Gig Zero Delay adds functionality that guarantees zero packet loss on the network link in the event that the tap loses power. It uses a battery backup to ensure that power glitches and failures do not result in link loss, dropped packets, or interrupted renegotiation sequences. To ensure that your network connection is never at risk, the battery provides protection for up to 5 hours and recharges during normal operation.

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