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Enersys NSB 100FT RED Battery

The Catalyst 6500 Series Switches offer high-speed performance, with the ability to support up to 720 Gbps switching capacity, making them suitable for large enterprise networks.

Enersys NSB 125TT HT RED Battery

The ASR9000 Series routers are designed to provide high reliability, with features such as redundant power supplies and fan trays, hot-swappable modules, and nonstop forwarding capabilities.

Enersys NSB 100FT BLUE+ Battery

The Nexus 9000 Series Switches offer flexibility to support a wide range of deployment scenarios, including traditional three-tier data center architectures and modern spine-leaf architectures.

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Part NumberHeci/CleiDescription
EnersysPower300150 Integrated Battery Rack,3 Tier,48Vdc/175A,Up to 12 EnergyCell Batteries,Outback
EnersysPower300164 Integrated Battery Rack,2 Tier,48Vdc/175A Protection per String,Up to 8 EnergyCell Batteries,Outback