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Keysight Technologies


Network Visibility

Stronger security and deeper insights with dynamic network intelligence
Keysight Network Visibility

Network visibility solutions

Inline security

Dynamic network intelligence from live traffic helps you better secure and monitor your network. Fast failover helps you guarantee uptime while providing the ability to upgrade or patch security tools without downtime.

Out-of-band monitoring

Deliver dynamic network intelligence to your out-of-band monitoring tools with speed and accuracy. Ixia’s easy-to-use filtering engine makes it easy to identify relevant interactions, even as your network grows and changes.

Ixia's advantages for network visibility

4X Better performance

Our network packet brokers are four times more powerful because we use a high-performance FPGA to make sure you never drop a packet.

8X Easier to use

Would you rather program every connection one at a time or drag and drop them? What if one method was much faster and much less prone to mistakes? Learn more about Ixia’s approach.

Zero packet loss

Would you be worried if your network packet broker was dropping packets? Many organizations are discovering their current visibility solution is not keeping up. Put yours to the test.

High availability

Are you still protected if your security infrastructure suffers a temporary outage? Can you upgrade without service disruption? Ixia ensures your security and monitoring tools keep processing with the industry’s fastest failover.

Concurrent features

You buy a full-featured network packet broker because of its rich feature set. Make sure you can actually operate those features simultaneously. Unlike competitors, Ixia packet brokers have the power to run all the features you want and need.